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I can resist MLP merch, but I can't resist to comment on this:



Today at the drugstore I noticed some MLP merch. There were what looked like Kinder egg knockoffs in Twily, Dashie or Pinkie theme, a bit bigger than the real thing and with air holes at the top, so I don't even know whether there was chocolate in them, and the label was too small to read. :okiedokieloki:

I hope Dashie doesn't get her egghead worries over these, haha. :lol:

But the really odd thing was something I at first thought was a Pez dispenser. But on closer examination it was a Rainbow Dash extendable lollipop!

I couldn't make a photo at the time, but imagine a Pez dispenser with a slightly bigger head. You push a lever on the grip and Dashie's head splits in half and the lollipop goodness emerges from it.

I found that slightly disturbing. :blink:

Also, that's a lot of effort put into one lollipop - for 1.50€. I guess the empty shell is for keeping once you've licked Dashie's brain away. :crackle: (I didn't see any refills offered.)

EDIT: Now I realize this is probably so that you can keep it from making things sticky and don't have to consume the whole thing in one go. Arguably this might be even worse for the teeth, giving them sugar in small spread-out doses.

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Cracking open a pony's head to get at the rainbow magical goodness inside does seem like a little........ odd way of getting candy :wacko:

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