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Episode 14 - Movie Line Reversal Thing




Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  That cliché gag they do in movies where one character says a line early in the movie, and then another character says the line back later, reversing it in some way.  Sometimes it's a "ha ha, gotcha back" kinda thing, and sometimes it's a cheesy learning learning experience.  Heh, maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about.  You'll instantly get it with a couple examples:

It's like in Man of Steel when Faora is about to kill the military guy and she says, "A good death is its own reward," but then Kal-El saves him at the last second, and then later in the movie, military guy drives the ship into the thing and is about to kill Faora, and he repeats the line back to her: "A good death is its own reward," and she gets the oh crap look on her face.  This is the "whoever laughs last laughs best" example.

And then there's X-Men The Last Stand when they're practicing in the danger room, and Logan goes on the offensive, and Storm tells him they're supposed to be working as a team to teach the kids, and he's like, "I am teaching 'em.  Best defense is a good offense."  And then at the climax when they hatch a plan to stop the Dark Phoenix, Logan gets the idea and says to Storm, "We work as a team," and Storm says, "Best defense is a good offense."  (Use mocking tone so thick that you can barely understand what I'm saying): Huuuh, huuuh!  See?  That's the line you said to me earlier!  I'm repeating it to you because I learned something and appreciated your perspective!  Isn't that clever?!  Lol.  Huh, huh, huuuuh, hur, hur huuuurrr!  :derp:

I HATE this gimmick in movies because I have never, ever seen it done without feeling completely forced and cringe-y.  It's so stupid and annoying.  If you ever become a director and make a movie, DON'T DO THIS.



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