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I sometimes wonder to myself why some people think I am one of the most influential people on this forum. It baffles myself that someone would even say that to me since I don't view myself in that way at all. It boggles my mind why people pay attention to what I say because I always felt like what I say goes into a empty void. Of course I'm not ungrateful for what I have right now and how you guys are participating in discussions with me, but do I really deserve it? I've seen some other users on this forum who don't get the recognition that they deserve so I feel somewhat bad for getting more than they do. This falls in line with what I was speaking about brohoofs the other day. It seems some people view brohoofs and the leaderboard as a basis for how much someone is valued. Just because I may have close to 12k and someone else might have only a 100 doesn't mean they are less valuable than myself. I know you all may think I'm just complaining and the such but I use this blog as a place to state my thoughts about myself, my surroundings, and my life. It makes me feel better to get it out of my system due to that. I know it's public and can reflect on my public image but I rather be honest with my friends then to be someone who is just living a lie on here.

Anyways, I could write a whole essay about this topic but I think one paragraph will do enough justice for it. Thanks to all who has read this blogpost! :mlp_grin:

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Why do they think so? Maybe because you are! :P

And even though brohoofs aren't important, I'm sure you wouldn't have that many if people didn't like what you were posting! You're one of the most active members here these days – no one can deny that. And you're one of the friendliest people here – you always reply to everyone who comments on your posts, you comment on other people's posts. From what I've seen, I think you've also done a great job as a sectional – I believe people who volunteer for the staff in general deserve a lot more respect than they get (it's definitely not something everyone would be up to).

Sure, some users deserve more recognition than they get – that's undeniable. But it's not your fault at all! You are appreciated by the community for a reason! :rarity:

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@Califorum I agree with you. I have the similar situation on some other forum, where everyone thinks that higher reputations = better person, where in most cases they aren't better people. If the reputations system didn't exist here, people could only judge people from what they are saying and in which forms and people wouldn't just get suggestion, that "big reputation = must be good or smth". Also, some people may just live only for imaginated reputation, which is quite painful, when it would be revealed, that this one person lived only for reputations.

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5 minutes ago, Iam said:

@Califorum I agree with you. I have the similar situation on some other forum, where everyone thinks that higher reputations = better person, where in most cases they aren't better people. If the reputations system didn't exist here, people could only judge people from what they are saying and in which forms and people wouldn't just get suggestion, that "big reputation = must be good or smth". Also, some people may just live only for imaginated reputation, which is quite painful, when it would be revealed, that this one person lived only for reputations.

It's unfortunate these things happen, I agree with you.

2 minutes ago, Sparklefan1234 said:


I'm fine with reputation, I just wish we didn't have leader boards. 

Fair enough. I would like to see them gone too.

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To be truthful... who else is there? :mlp_pout: Even assuming you're not terribly influential (which is certainly debatable), who do you personally feel is doing a better job at being a positive influence for the community as of recently? I apologize if this comes across as snarky, but I'm being completely genuine here. While it's hard to deny that some folks view the leaderboard through a tinted lens... one landing on it is never due to sheer coincidence. Does it determine the value of a member? Not at all, but being on the leaderboard isn't merely a shiny badge. One ends up there due to others liking their content, and how active they are. Should you vehemently monitor the leaderboard, and always assure that you hold your position? Of course not; it's truly not worth worrying about... but you shouldn't degrade it either.

Are you the greatest, most influential brony the fandom has ever known? Most likely not... but you shouldn't degrade yourself either. You're one of the somewhat scarce members who has kept quite a few people interested in the Forums at large, so trust me: you matter. :darling:

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So you feel that everyone is putting you on such a high pedestal and you don’t feel like you deserve it. Is that right? Well, we feel that you create good content for the forum with your status updates and such. It’s also the energy you put behind doing them that draws people to them. Your personality and love for the things you like makes people want to interact with you and care about you. When I give you praise, I do mean it. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re a great pony.

When I look at the leaderboard, I don’t think that one member is better than the other. As @The Recherche said, it reflects how people like the content that you post and how active you are that day. You can spend all day here playing the games and such but it doesn’t guarantee you a spot on the leaderboard. I don’t post here just to get onto the leaderboard, never have, never will. It’s not that important to me. Talking with my friends here is more important. :-D

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I think there are many things that the numbers don't really tell. I didn't realize it at first but as the time passed and after I stopped being active I saw that I was pretty much nobody it was as if I made new account altogether and started over. The people who were here 2-3years ago weren't around here anymore.

All the connections I made weren't here anymore some of them of course were but most of them were so old that they didn't hold much of a value especially because I had changed so much as a person also. 

What makes people influential are those connections and how they utilize them. I don't think the leader board reflects 1:1 of those connections and who is most influential as I think it's quite subjective and personal. For some users someone can be really influential and for some others they dont even know who that is.


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Of course you deserve it. :mlp_proud:

Personally I tend to stick to positive and honest people. This is something I usually feel in the first moments when meeting someone, basically the first impression. No matter how skilled or not one will be, I'll choose the ones, who are simply friendly and lighthearted, who I believe I can trust. With that being said, grumpy (by default - do not confuse with ones experiencing tougher times) people make me feel uncomfortable, I don't always know what to say to not make them even more grumpy, which later could impact me. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that I'm not always sure how to interact with them. I don't like arguing, so to avoid potentially triggering someone, most of the time I choose to carry on...

It works in both ways - just like Pinkie says; Smile for a smile - that is the reason why I tend to stick to ones, with who I can bounce positiveness back and forth, where it grows as it moves. To be myself and don't have to worry about reactions.

I like saying good things about people and be supportive in general. Grumpy people don't really allow me to do so, usually I need to pretend to be someone, who I am not, just be dead serious, that is.

That is to say, that you're simply a likeable pony @TheTaZe, I knew that when I first meet you. It's always good to have you around, so no matter what, I'll be looking forward to things you'll do. :ticking:

Being smart is one thing, but being friendly, supportive and open for the others - that's what requires tons of patience and what I personally appreciate. ;)

So from my side at least, this is why you deserve it, if you're wondering on that. :mlp_grin:


As for brohooves, people just interpret these wrongly! If low amount is what bothers anyone, just go play some forum games and voila! You don't have to be famous, nor anything. Brohooves do not reflect how popular you are! ;) Look, I don't have many either, compared to the others, but who cares? :D 

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I used to wonder what they are

Until I realised that they aren't that important.

When I was new here, I felt like I need to collect them as much as possible.

Such a silly thought of mine.

But you know, reputation isn't everything.

And now I don't really care about them, even though some part of me still think that they are.

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Sounds like you may feel a bit guilty about something that you haven't done and may not be able to affect.

As somebody who has been gone for a long time and returned to find most of the people I knew from my heyday gone, I feel as if I've hit a reset button. Got a fresh start from my perspective. Somebody new who looks at my post count and the "reputation" on my profile wouldn't know anything about me, but could assume I'm some kind of legend. Sure doesn't feel like it to me. Whether I am or not though, that doesn't mean I'm unapproachable or wouldn't enjoy speaking to somebody new, so if they decide to avoid me or compare their worth to my own based on a few statistics, that's their own anxiety at work. Not my fault and not necessarily theirs, but not something for me to worry or feel guilty or feel self-conscious about.

On the other hand, if you have that kind of fame and influence, maybe try drawing attention to content that other members post if you feel it's something that deserves more recognition than it's gained on its own. It could be simply a shout out or link to the thing in a status update, or an occasional blog listing content by lesser-renowned people that you think others should check out. A little gesture to let those people know that you appreciate their contributions and you may even help them build some connections with others. Or maybe not, but there's a limit to what you can do. Don't dwell.

And as for the people who feel invisible and discounted, I'd suggest only two things: keep doing what you're doing here (be yourself), and find some measure of worth and belonging somewhere outside the internet. I'm not being a dick, I'm just keeping it real. Those who obsess about forum fame and feel decimated when they think they don't fit in and get recognized as much as they should are typically people who have little to nothing going for them in the real world, and invest way too much of themselves in online communities and faceless internet friends. Not saying that internet friends aren't real friends, they are, simply that they aren't enough to keep one's social needs sated for long. Fixing that should be their priority. Then they'll either feel more fulfilled on this and other forums or won't care so much.

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