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S8E18 Yakity-Sax - brief picture commentary



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Few pics this time. Didn't feel like it.

The episode started so amazing. Fluttershy opening, then Pinkie. Music. I mean 'music'. Angel practicing 'creative solutions'.

I suffered with Pinkie when her friends screwed up in communication once again. And I also immediately thought that this might be what it sounds like when played well. Do we know the musical taste of yaks?

Her blues also showed once again just how powerful a magic Pinkie channels through her heart. Even her colors is fading, which normally takes external magical impositions. ... Well, you could say that kinda is what happened. Twilight after all did put a spell on her. But it was dark magic.
Of course trying to cheer her up by distracting from the actual issue won't work.

BTW, I think Mudbriar is having a bad influence on Maud. She didn't use to be that much of a bonehead with language. I am tempted to call it maudtistic, hah.

When Fluttershy said they didn't even get a chance to say goodbye... well, they kinda did say goodbye.
They somehow manage to confuse their lack of insight with optimism. They don't quite want to face what they did. This is so much showing the problem with intellectualizing matters of the heart.
I guess this could have a tendency of happening since they are a group of friends. If five out of six screw up in a certain way, they're not likely to admit it was a majority blunder.

It was kind of a rollercoaster though when even Pinkie was misled about the spirit of yak music. Makes me wonder how she got her hooves on that instrument in the first place, without getting a primer in the cultural background. ... Oh well, maybe she was just too hyper.


This was mildly surprising: They made a sculpture of out pastries that were magically floating. Very Pinkie-like, I would say.



MAJOR crisis: This is yellow and pink on a bedding of MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP!!! Which is my favorite! But again, I know this well. You can't just fill a hole in the heart with repair glue.



But eventually, just by being 'allowed' to be in her element, she came alive again. Quick recovery, and the best and only healing really is when the actual cause is being resolved, as it was here, in two ways, so better than expected.

This of hourse could all have been avoided by agreeing with her on when and where not to play. But then we wouldn't have gotten this story. And even though it was hard to watch at times, I always appreciate an epinksode.


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