This Ship is Sinking More Accurately! | MLP:SH Devlog #8



Hello everypony! ^_^ 

I've made some very little, tiny progress. :P 

I plan to implement slopes for more natural looking environment, rather than have a completely blocky world, where you need to jump all over the place, even on stairs. :D And possibly few other features... :ph3ar:

For that, I had to improve the coding behind the whole movement system first, optimize it a little, fix some minor imperfection related to collision, reprogram it to use more variables, that I'll be able to manipulate etc. etc..

While the main plans are still before me, I've added a little detail, making sinking more accurate. ;) 

Obviously, Twi's head is lower when she's ducking, so it felt kind of weird still being able to breathe while having her head submerged.

But not anymore! :D 



And better don't idle in there! :D 



Though I wonder if preventing her from sitting down while in water wouldn't be better. EqE4vfd.png Though it's so cute, that it's worth sinking! :love:


Either way, after I'll be done with movement, I'll start working on the Ponyville. I've made a plan for the layout, I'll be working on the graphics and whatsoever next. This is what I have now:


Not sure of that design to be honest; We'll see.

After the Ponyville will be ready, I might release a playable alpha demo without any objectives - just to let you see how the game plays etc., if anypony would be interested, that is.


I hoped to make much more progress, but I have tough times at work this week. It takes almost all of my free time, due to working for ~12-13 hours/day. Better luck during weekend hopefully! ^_^ 

Thank you for visiting! :) 

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Good luck with polishing the game. I wish you luck to have more free time, so you can work more on game. :)

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Riki, is it bad that when I read this blog title I immediately thought of this? Anyways, great job, bud!


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11 hours ago, TheTaZe said:

Riki, is it bad that when I read this blog title I immediately thought of this? Anyways, great job, bud

Not bad at all. ;)gvX7LEQ.png Thanks! :D 

10 hours ago, Error 404 said:

This is cute 

I hope so! ^_^ 

9 hours ago, Sherbert Music-Guard said:

I like it!
I can't wait!

Happy to heat that! :) 

27 minutes ago, Nye said:

Awesome. That's how I describe that. :D

I think it's a sufficient description. :D Thank you! :) 

Hmmm EqE4vfd.png

"Awesome. That's how I describe that." -Nye

Just kidding!  :D;) 

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31 minutes ago, Phosphor270 said:

That is amazing!

And Twilight sitting down is super cute!

Happy to hear that! :yay:



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