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Episode 20 - Preemptive Piecemeal Reviews




Y'know what really grinds me gears?  When people jump on the forums to review new episodes in pieces before they've seen the whole thing.  Y'know, they make a post reviewing the cold open, then they go back and watch the show, then they jump on here and review act 1 up to the commercial break, they complain about things that haven't even happened yet, and may or may not even happen, then go back to the show, then jump back on the forums and review act 2, and so on.  And each piece is a completely separate post.  Why can't you just watch the whole episode first?!  THEY'RE ONLY TWENTY MINUTES LONG!  It's not like you're reviewing Ken Burns's friggin' Vietnam War documentary.  You can't make it through twenty minutes before jumping on here??  I don't mind the pre-episode posts, before it airs.  Y'know, the hype train stuff.  That's fine.  But the piecemeal reviews of each section?  Uuuugh.  Just watch it first, then post.


I was a little tentative about making this entry, because I don't want to rip on people who just really get their kicks posting and reviewing in this fashion.  Yeah, it bugs me, and I think it's silly, but if it's what you love, then go for it.  In all seriousness, I'm not really judging, you don't have to stop, and I don't have to like it.




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