I was in a car accident



So yeah, I'm going to keep this one short and simple and to the point. Yesterday, I got into a car accident which has left my car totaled. The only injuries I suffered was bruising and swelling on my arm near my wrist. For anyone wondering about if I'm getting a new car or not, I've already arranged doing that. I am getting a 2013 Kia Rio LX. On to the next reason I'm writing this, if you see me lose my temper or something it's because I've been through a lot in the past 24-48 hours and my stress limits have been pushed to the maximum. Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know an overview of the situation since many have asked me so I thought I would make some kind of global post for all to see.

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Car accidents are no fun Taze  just glad to see you that your ok and once you get better maybe next week you'll enjoy my awesome rainboom stunts in Cloudsdale later!

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I hate to hear this. Car accidents are no joke. I know not because I have ever been in one, but because my cousin died in one. She was only around 16 years old, and it was sometime around Christmas, maybe New Years. My relatives in Boston were traveling to another state further north to where more relatives lived, and my aunt accidentally wrecked on black ice, causing one of my cousins to die and the other cousin to get injured. It only got worse from there, as there was no holiday for them and my aunt just went off her insurance for my cousins about a week before the disaster.

Enough about that though. I'm just glad your ok, aside from the horrific aftermath you faced and are facing. I hope this didn't tremendously affect your college schedule and weekend schedule.

Rest well, and don't forget to maintain a positive attitude tomorrow even if you have to force yourself!

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@EpicEnergy Thanks, I really do appreciate that. Stuff like this just happens. I barely got injured so I'm pretty fine now but I'm not happy about wrecking my first ever car. Anyways, I may need to take off monday but other than that I think I will be good to go!

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