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Emotional Burnout



I'm going to be limiting myself a lot more for the next few days or so, so I can get my mind back on track. I know have some obligations that I need to get done but I can't really be assed to do any of it right now. I'm not leaving entirely for the next few days or so, just enough that I can focus on some more important things. But yes, I haven't been feeling up to par and haven't really felt the need to come on as much as I want to on here due to how I am feeling.

Enough of the sappy stuff, just a notice that I'm heavily limiting myself.

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I understand completely, my friend! If there are more important things, the forums can wait. I hope you feel better soon and that everything is alright! :kindness:

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I feel the same, 
I am primarily on the MLP forums as a idle tab on my PC, and DMs and some other occasional things!

I completely understand!

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