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Love & Tolerance... Ya Morons



If EVERYONE has their own opinion, then why do we make such a big deal of having a BETTER one?

Granted, nobody's perfect - there are faiths that have outrageous rules, societies who exclude all but a few, and clubs who focus on specific groups of people... but still, it seems to have become a national pasttime to tell others how wrong they are, then to parade one's ego up & down the block for all to see.  It's a game to the current generation, to destroy someone's beliefs and then laugh about it.

What the living Hell, folks?

Seriously, just because you don't like or believe in something, it doesn't give you the right to tear it down & mock them for it - and it's certainly NOT okay to do.

Now, with people that are misinformed or are ignorant, those are cases to debate... but there IS such a thing as 'Respectful Debate', and I've seen it make a heckuva difference when presented fairly and kindly.  People listen better when you aren't blasting their thoughts to shreds, and they'll consider your words much more carefully if you approach the subject with respect and Kindness.  

The idea of communication is to COMMUNICATE - not yell your ideas and stop listening.  After all, YOUR opinion may be flawed, and anyone worth their salt will attempt to fix those possible flaws, because intelligent, mature people would be far more willing to admit a wrong and correct it.  All those people who rant & rave when confronted with the thought that they might be wrong?  Yeah, they ain't changing... not for ANYONE... and it's a waste of time trying to talk reason to them.

They don't WANT reason; they want to be RIGHT... and getting caught up in being RIGHT is how The Crusades got started, and we know what happened during that.

Honestly?  I don't mind when folks come to me & tell me they don't believe in what I believe in - variety, after all, is the spice of Life - and there have even been times I've had my own eyes opened to things I never considered.  I choose to remain open to these thoughts, as I'm a work in progress until the day I die; never let it be said that I'm inflexible to change, growth or improvement.

And that's what I'm getting at here, folks - you can huster & bluster all day & night about how THIS person is wrong and THAT person is stupid...

But, in the end, you get what you give - and that goes for the Internet, too.  You put out excellent reasoning and heartfelt thought?  Chances are, you'll have a large percentage of friends who are like-minded, and can share opinions and beliefs freely... but if you put out anger, hate and intolerance?

You are what you type, my fellow Ponyites.

Endeavor to become a listener.  Choose to question your own beliefs, on occasion.  Use respect when debating a point, especially when it comes to faith or politics.

For those who want to make the world a BETTER place, I challenge you to strive to become a better PERSON.

Excelsior, fellow communicators!

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This is why I quit social media. Smartphone communication has completely destroyed all civility. Now you have everyone retreating into their ideological echo chambers because the moment you voice a dissenting opinion, you risk becoming an instant pariah at best, doxing at the very worst. And Celestia help you if your politics run counter to mainstream opinions. People are calling it a culture war for a reason. You've got university professors out there hitting people in the face with bike chains for goodness sake. What's worse is people invent reasons to justify political violence over actual debate and discourse. Well I says if it's wrong for your perceived enemies to do a thing, HONOR should dictate that its wrong for you as well. 

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