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S8E21 A Rockhoof and a Hard Place - Brief pictured commentary



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The story of this episode is very dear to me, so the writing quality of the story arc eased the bewilderment a bit, down to flummoxification level. :scoots:

So Rockhoof couldn't tell stories because he was demolishing the classroom. Not only might he have been able to curb that a little, but my first and immediate thought was that he should simply do those classes outside! :sealed:

Instead we get a couple of attempts at purpose-finding that, if I am trying to be fair, probably were meant to show the tragedy that he shows a severe clumsiness in anything physical or how generally the things he could do always have some downside. Basically, the classroom scene established that after the digsite scene. The firefighting scene is focusing fully on the clumsiness, because this could have happened just as easily without any purpose-giving context. But it showed how the 'modern' world is so alien to him.

And at the very end of the episode he happens to stumble into doing just what was obvious in the beginning, and this is really not the first time that a story arc was resolved just like that. :bea:

Although based on what was established in the episode, he could still mess his storytelling up, and the same allpies to just living in that unfamiliar world! So he basically just needed some time getting used to stuff but was too impatient because the director told him the episode play time. :umad:

Conclusion: This needed more suspension of disbelief than usual.

P.S.: As in previous episodes, there were memorable highlights that chased these dark clouds away a bit.

P.P.S.: There were (p)ineapples and (P)inkie (s)urfing. All the good stuff.

Pretty much this...


and this...


and these lovely pineapples kinda quilt the bad mood and stitched my attention to the plot...


and all is fine when you have Pinkie and patience for frame analysis...


and find her munching on a marshmallow. (Which gives me an idea for munchmallow pie.)



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