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S8E23 Sounds of Silence - commentary (with light and shadow)



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What an amazing episode, very dear to me, beginning with the title, a nod to The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel(, a very poetical song about a frustrating superficiality in society preventing deep and meaningful communication), that is one of my favorites.

I wrote this shortly before watching the episode:

Loving people, sharing their flight from darkness.
See the light. Walk alone.
Footsteps like silent raindrops.

I often feel like deep and meaningful relations are difficult when people let unpleasant things about others weigh ten times as heavy as pleasant ones. Almost like it's a seller's market with quantity over quality emphasis, always easy to walk away and pick other options, which is horrible to perceive, because that kind of pragmatism devalues human potential and cannot build a better world. Without idealism we are doomed. (Are you still reading, or skipped on to more pleasant things?)
I cannot just succumb to that and deny half of what I am. That is no life.

The episode also conveyed the poetical beauty of rainbows that I occasionally express ( A rainbow is a symbol of encouragement and hope; When the light stands its ground against gloom, when you have the contrast that makes you appreciate both, you experience the full spectrum in all its beauty. Balance brings health, and when light and dark are in balance, you are not tempted to perceive either one as an enemy. (People utterly consumed by darkness will regard the light as an enemy, and people who fled to the light in self-entrapping denial cannot handle to even look at the darkness.)

The more you flee towards the light,
The more darkness you leave behind.
Deny it with growing might
And the night will turn you blind.


Stand tall



Twiley did a rhymey! :pinkie:



Soft, gentle character development :squee: ... kinda nice

(Well, she could do that since the first episodes, but here she subverted a trope. And who doesn't love trope subversion? Right? :twi:)






Gu-huuys! Can we please just be frickin' amazing for a moment? :darling:



Sticks and stones are hard on bones.
Aimed with angry art, words can sting like anything.
But silence breaks the heart.

- Phyllis McGinley

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