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S8E24 Father Knows Beast - brief commentary, won't drag on



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I only got a couple brief thoughts about this episode. Don't wanna pick it apart too much.

How did Sludge manage to turn HIMSELF into a fireball? :mlp_ooh:

Why did no one even ask why he came to Ponyville before the extensive wellness spa treatment was done? :mlp_huh:

It announced itself quite early that he's just an exploitative, convenient phony. :crackle:
What also announced itself very early is that it would be another episode about Spike trying to find out what being a dragon is like, and since we kinda know the writers by now, that the chance was high for a story concept reboot, i.e. Spike would once again return to being content just being himself.

This episode had lots of screen time with Smolder, almost right from the opening even, so how can it possibly be that Spike didn't learn everything he needs to know from him? This was the weakest point in the story. That scam shouldn't have worked at all. Spike should already know everything Smolder would know at that age, having grown up with his dragon parents. Spike was like 'Finally another dragon!', as if Smolder didn't exist. :huh:

Here we see another instance of the weird supposed joke like with Rainbow Dash pulling the blanket from Fluttershy, which I actually find kinda lame, because it adds to the demagicalization(:mlp_ooh:) of Equestria actually being a pony society and not just a human world with equestrified(:mlp_ooh:) characters. - Yeah, Sludge is actually at all clothed here, unlike usually. - It's an immersion breaker! BURN IT! :lostit:


For a moment I thought that this is not anatomically correct, since horses have their heart in the chest and not the neck, but I can easily accept that due to their unusual shape their internal organs would also be arranged a bit differently than in our kind. :o


I am so glad Pinkie was part of this episode. Her just being herself is always an enrichment, and I loved every moment. :balloon:

And she has a way with lizards, heh. (Cupcake on a stick is so much superior to carrot on a stick and has actually been used for a long time now, without anyone noticing. :wacko:)
This reminded me of the dream scene where she was surfing on a giant Gummy. (I also liked seeing her with shades, heh.

Fitting that I watched this episode on Pinkie Pie Day, I guess. Funnily (haha?) I actually learned only now that is a thing. I guess because I am not that active in the fandom. Can't even find an info why it's on October 7th. Do you know how it came about?
I find it weird. Isn't every day Pinkie Pie Day? :mlp_smile:


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