Dusky's 2.02 PTS Paladins Tier List

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Here's the list, I guess. Note that I haven't really played the game in about 9 or 10 MONTHS now, so most of the opinions here are based on what I know of character kits as well as outdated perceptions of the meta-game. This is also for PC. Console is A LOT different. Also this tier list won't likely be as accurate as the last one due to it being hard to gauge the impact of the bug fixes when I never really took the time to read through them all... Though this list is mainly being made due to changes of OPINION exclusively, so...


SS: Makoa, Mal'Damba

S+: Koga, Ash, Drogoz, Inara

S_: Terminus, Bomb King, Grover, Cassie, Seris, Lian, Zhin

S-: Khan, Furia, Dredge, Jenos, Torvald, Talus, Barik
A+: Imani, Pip, Skye, Androxus, Grohk, Maeve, Evie

A_: Strix, Ying, Viktor, Fernando, Kinessa, Buck, Tyra
A-: Sha'Lin, Ruckus, Willo, Lex

(B): Vivian, Moji
Terminus- He's an exception to what I said. Terminus is going up MAINLY due to the bug fixes. I also really considered his strength in the meta right now, and I really have to say that without his bugs he'd be the strongest champion in the ENTIRE game.
Pip- I'm starting to see Pip's potential in this meta a little more clearly. I had him ranked as high as S_ on early lists for a reason. He quite effectively synergizes with a sustain meta, and it also helps him that I underestimated the effects the lack of built-in anti-healing has on him.
Skye- I'll say this: she's a pretty freaking good tank shredder. She can do that better than literally everyone else in the entire game, and she actually has decent mobility. But she's still far from good due to the fact that better champions can still fulfill the same role well.
Ying- Ying is AWFUL. I don't mean she's unplayable, because she's far from it. But she's outclassed by other supports, and not other supports that lack damage as well as actual utility. She doesn't really bring anything great to this meta.
Ruckus- Ok. Ruckus is BAD. His shielding is pathetic and does seemingly nothing to improve his sustain, and he no longer has enough damage to beat out every other frontline without contest. Khan and Barik both can deal more damage than him easily enough.
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