Dusky's 2.04 Paladins Tier List

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All I'll say here is that I don't exactly understand these patch notes. Most of the changes were executed very poorly and some were not even necessary. I will also note I haven't actually played the game in over a year now and this is mostly based on my experiences of the game back when it was in Beta combined with my knowledge of the current meta game and balancing by keeping up with patch notes and a couple of streamers. There are also a couple of changes of opinion here on certain characters, so a few placements may seem a little odd with the changelog. Also, recently made a huge adjustment to the list, sort of to keep on track with certain trends in competitive play. That is not to say I have no disagreements on the ideas of where the meta really should be right now with pro players (Torvald's placement is a pretty obvious example of such a disagreement. I place him so low because he's actually really easy to counter by simply buying Wrecker, which almost every DPS will do anyways after Caut or another specific item (An example of this would be something like maybe Haven or Blast Shields)).



S+: Lian, Mal'Damba, Terminus, Jenos, Atlas, Bomb King

S_: Ash, Cassie, Makoa, Drogoz, Grover, Khan, Seris

S-: Barik, Pip, Inara, Evie, Sha'Lin, Zhin, Fernando, Viktor

A+: Ruckus, Strix, Maeve, Kinessa, Skye, Tyra, Androxus

A_: Imani, Ying, Talus, Dredge, Buck, Grohk, Willo

A-: Torvald, Koga, Vivian, Moji, Willo, Lex

~B: N/A

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