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My real coming out (And my story, so far)

Sherbie-kun <3


Even though I have mentioned that I am Bi,
It has occured to me that I haven't actually like properly came out, and I haven't told my story, so I'm going to start off with the part with me coming out...

I'm Bi!

Now that part is done, 
I'm going to start my story...
I'm going to start my story with the year 2017...



I used to homophobic right, and when 2017 reached, I made a video, where I uttered a homophobic sentence...
And nothing came from it... until 7 months later, when I was told to leave class, and so I did, 
And there was a teacher and the campus police officer in the room I was told to go into, and I was told to delete the video I made with the homophobic sentence (I wasn't told the name of it, and I had forgotten I even made a homophobic video at the time) and they just said "You know what video we're talking about" which, I didn't, how could I have if it was 7 months prior, and I made videos twice weekly so how was I supposed to know what the video was.

And eventally through several events I later started accepting the LGBT community.

Then slowly I was a little curious, so I considdered myself Bi-Curious for a little while, until one of my friends on here asked me out, and originally I rejected him, mostly because I didn't want to loose him as a friend if we didn't work out, but we eventally ended up dating, and then I started questioning my sexuality for a while, and just before we split up, I started considdering myself Bi, since it just started making sense, you know, and then we split up...
And then recently I asked one of my other friends out (who I met here, but sadly he was banned from here), and we're still dating, and we're reaching out 1 month aniversary!

So, that was my story,
And I know it's a little after national coming out day, but I felt like I should make this post on my blog!
And I hope that someone that is struggling with this, can get some help from my story.
And I also hope that you that aren't struggling with your sexuality that you liked how I went from being homophobic to being bi

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