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Bit of Backstory for She(OC)

Catpone Cerberus


(Repost due changing blogs)

Just for starters, I'd like you to know that, this is m First ever story of any kind in English. It's kinda a backstory to my OC, She. Or at least some history about Her.

Warning: Slightly dark, includes death. But not in detail. 



Daisychain: White pegasus mare with beautiful blonde mane and tail.
Magic Potion: Dark blue stallion with short brown mane and tail. Unicorn.
Potion junior (Called Junior): Male unicorn baby.
The nameless mare (also known as She): https://mlpforums.com/uploads/monthly_03_2017/post-35322-0-95755200-1489681586_thumb.png


300-400 years ago from present day...


Potion was heading home, he had been collecting some plants around close by forest for his potion research. He had focused to collecting so much that he had forgotten to check time, and now it was getting late. As he approached the house, he could tell that something wasn't right. From window next to the front door, light was shining through like usual, but the window seemed to be frosty from inside.


Potion opened the front door carefully, ”Daisychain?” cold air hit his face and when he entered the hallway, he froze. The hallway, no, the whole house was filled with fog. From the living room Daisychain's scared voice was heard. ”Potion?”


Daisychain!?” Potion rushed to the living room and was met with strange light blue mare looking at a picture of his family, and Daisychain in the corner of the room standing over Junior, staring at the mare. Potion lit his horn, ”Who are you? And what are you doing in our house?”.

The mare turned towards Potion ”I'm not surprised you don't recognize me Potion” ”My appearance has changed quite bit since we last met.” Potion took step forward ”Answer to my question!”.

The mare looked towards Daisychain with her empty eyes, ”You have beautiful family Potion, something I always wanted.” ”Potion...?” Potion shook his head slowly, ”I have no idea what you are talking about.” ”Two years ago....I was so happy Potion” The mare looked sad as she turned back at Potion ”We were made for each other.”.


Daisychain looked at Potion confused ”Potion, what is she talking about?” Potion shot magic at the mare. ”Cut the nonsense! Daisychain, get Junior safe.” The mare moved to block the door with unnaturally quick dash, ”oh no, I don't think so Potion, she'll have to hear the truth.”, ”truth?” Potion stared at the mare, he was angry, ”There is no 'truth', mare she are talking about is long dead.””Dead? You haven't told....” ”Of course he haven't, he killed me!”


Daisychain was shocked, ”What! I-is that true Potion” ”Of course n...!” ”Lies!” The mare dashed towards Daisychain sending her flying to another side of the room and was now standing over Junior who was so terrified that he didn't even cry. ”Tell me Potion, are your secrets more important than your family...” She raised her hoof, like she was preparing to attack Junior ”Stop!” Potion shouted ”If you are who you say you are, how?” ”The Mask” ”That mask...”


Daisychain got herself back to her hoofs and in mix of panic and anger looked at Potion. ”Who is she Potion? Why is she here?” ”I...” ”I explain” The mare carried Junior to Daisychain before turning towards Potion, ”Two years ago Potion and I were like you two are now.” ”Then he poisoned me.” ”You can't imagine what it feels like, to wake up and feel nothing but cold, to find out you're dead.” ”I didn't know what happened to me first, but when I got to know, I could't believe it first” she was rather hostile towards Potion now ”I thought he loved me, I gave him everything!”


Potion tried to explain ”I did...But that mask corrupted you, it was best for everyone.” The mare launched at him throwing him over, ”Who are you to choose what is best for me! You stole my life!”
Potion slowly lifted himself back up, the attack had hurt. He spoke quietly, ”And every night and day I have been filled with regret bigger than you can imagine.” The mare then got closer and whispered to Potion's ear, ”It's too late for apologizes, goodbye my love.” She then kicked him, killing him. ”Potion!” Daisychain ran next to Potion, ”No!”.


The mare looked at Potion's body, ”He paid the price from his actions.” She then turned towards Magic Potion Junior, ”From this point on, shall Potion's name be cursed with my presence.” Then she and the fog disappeared leaving only baby and his mother with Potion's lifeless body.




It's far from perfect, I know that, but it's what it it, and will be.


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