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Top 10 Worst MLP Episodes, Blog Edition



Well, here it is. My least favorite episodes ever of MLP. I know that I already posted portions of this list in a post in a related topic, but I didn't comment on the episodes themselves as a whole. Fair warning, I may not go into enough detail for some people here, because with some of these episodes they're just so terrible that being blunt about it is the only way to adequately explain just how much of a dumpster fire it was. Also, fair warning, I may also get a bit... over the top at some points. But trust me, it is MORE than justified. 



10. Power Ponies. Oh wait I think I miscounted in that one thread. This is actually a Season 4 episode. I thought it was Season 5. Color me surprised that this trope-filled, contrived disaster was in such a great season. The whole concept to me felt like a reason to commit the copyright-violation rendition of f***ing seppuku. It's so obvious who everyone is supposed to be here that I'm honestly surprised that neither DC nor Marvel didn't sue Hasbro for this... It doesn't help that the plot of this episode felt so limited, nor that the entire premise was because of some sort of magic spell in a f***ing comic book with no real reason to be there. Not much to say here other than it just being boring and cringy in general.

09. On Your Marks. I wasn't specific in my original post in this topic, but yes, this episode was an absolute nightmare to watch, and I couldn't even get through it, the episode was so bad... I honestly don't understand why this gets a pass, but Somepony to Watch Over Me does not. :confused:Apple Bloom was more than definitely out of character here, like she honestly WASN'T in SpoWOM. She's NOT generally the worrier of the group, and in fact she's normally more of the leader if anything... But here she becomes f***ing paranoid for no really logical reason over a cutie mark that isn't really that hard to understand to be honest. The whole thing frankly felt like pointless filler to me, with no real place here. And this is only ninth...

08. What About Discord? What hasn't been said about this atrocity, other than "why isn't this in the top 5?" Well, unfortunately, the answer is that the quality of the worst of the show is still much worse than even this was. First off, Discord had NO REASON to feel left out whatsoever. He literally got a MUCH better episode EARLIER IN THE SEASON. Not even to mention that he should be GRATEFUL that he's Twilight's good graces to be frank. Secondly, Discord here seemed really, REALLY selfish. To the point of literally causing chaos for no apparent reason other than JUST BEING BORED? WHAT? With Discord there's at least more of a point usually...

07. Cart Before the Ponies. What a travesty. This episode was clearly not planned with much if any forethought towards any portion of the audience over the age of 6, and that's stretching it. The whole thing ends up with the depth of a pancake. A predictable mess that revolves around what might be one of the WORST premises I've ever had the displeasure of watching unfold. It really doesn't help that this episode has the characterization to back my reasoning for me to now consider it the worst episode in the sixth season over the overlooked catastrophe that was On Your Marks. Not even to mention that this episode was beyond boring. Not the most boring episode in the series, but among them surely.

06. Non-Compete Clause. I know this may actually seem like a high placement to some, but I will say that this episode deserves every bit of criticism that it gets. Rainbow Dash and Applejack are both made so out of character, so egotistical, that the singular thing alone makes the episode bad. What makes it one of the worst is a premise that basically goes AGAINST the show's entire message! This kind of premise was done not so badly and executed decently in "Fall Weather Friends" back in Season 1. Why can't that be made to work here? We know they have a competitive streak, but come on. This goes beyond that... It goes into the territory of self-absorption! We all know how bad that is...

05. Spike at Your Service. Oh no. NOT THE ABSURDLY META "YOU SAVED MY LIFE SO I OWE YOU MINE" PLOT! Seriously, this type of plot never makes sense, and never works. Here is no exception. First problem, this is the FIRST mention of the "Honorable Dragon Code" which is supposedly SO important. Second, Dragons are NOT honorable. In any way whatsoever. That's literally their most obvious character trait... Third, the plot itself was an overused trope that never even worked in anything ever before to begin with. Fourth, Spike in this episode is so f***king petty, and actually SELFISH in his pursuit of making himself feel better about AJ "saving" him... :dry:   

04. The End In Friend. Why did they need to make another episode just like the atrocity that was Non-Compete Clause IN THE SAME SEASON? Who wanted this? Oh I'll have their f***ing head. Nobody really learned anything (and RD should have already LEARNED beforehand anyways that being a d***** to your friends is NOT a good idea, regardless of how they're treating you). Nothing really happened of consequence. Also, quite literally, the entire episode's runtime after about 5 minutes felt like it was devoted to RD and Rarity having prolonged temper tantrums because the other does or says something that offends them. This episode gave me a headache before halfway, and made me want to punch something a ways before it even ended! :stressed:

03. Magical Mystery Cure. More Like "Malicious Musical Cancer." Yes, I'm going there. I think that watching this episode has the potential to cause brain tumors, or at the very least aneurisms (Oh I know that part from experience). This episode was a rushed nightmare that even wouldn't have done as a two-parter due to an absurd lack of coherent anything behind it. Literally nothing made sense. I had no idea what was even happening most of the time aside from seemingly random songs. This episode would be the worst, but the thing is that, yes, I will admit that it would have made a plausibly okay two-parter. But it would likely still suffer from the same issues from what I can gleam. SO F*** THIS PILE OF C*** FOR BEING SO BAD!

02. Hard to Say Anything. I think I really don't need to comment much here, but I will anyways. This episode is the most cringe-worthy, most fanfic-y thing I've ever seen. I could swear this episode started as a bad fanfiction before it became an episode. The whole thing felt so f***ing fake. Forced doesn't even do it justice. This ship is straight-up FAKE at this point (of course, with the Season 8 follow-up episode, my opinion of the ship drastically improved). Not to mention this episode was very, very boring for anyone not interested in the worst ship I've ever seen. Like nothing happens except the focus on that totally garbage ship. I say this, as you know, with the context of how I felt at the time being that "I CAN'T TOLERATE THIS CRINGE FOR ONE MORE NANOSECOND!"

01. Fake It 'Til You Make It. This episode is so abysmal, so terrible in every way that it's hard for me not to see it as downright offensive. Fluttershy was the most OOC that any character has ever been at any point in the entire series, Rarity once again repeats her infuriatingly stupid mistake of getting the wrong person for her job (even after Honest Apple, and even knowing Fluttershy), and the premise in of itself is just... WHY? Whoever thought of this needs a f***king lobotomy. I'm serious. This was a piling heap of garbage, and there's no way I can be lead to believe that anyone sane would have produced this without an a public apology afterwards. At least Faust did that when she f***ed up. But unfortunately the writer had as little common courtesy as they did writing ability...


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