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Today my school got a snow day so I'll be on here a lot I think. This entry might be fairly long (who knows:mlp_please:)

So I just started playing the MLP CCG again. I used to play a lot but stopped because I didn't have anyone to play with. My siblings could not play very well. So I recently built a new deck. It has DJ-Pon 3 as the Mane Character and the secondary color is generosity. (Yea, I know that isn't a color but if you play the game you'd understand.)I am looking forward to try it out sometime soon, maybe online. It probably is not that good because I have never built a deck like this before. Wellp...

I'm super pumped for the new Karate Kid coming out next year with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan!!! The release date hasn't come out yet but it should soon. Last night I just watched the first one and remembered how much I love it!

My friend is coming over to my house today, due to the snow day. We have plans to watch a whole bunch of movies with our celebrity crushes in them. Mine is Thomas Brodie Sangster and hers (well she has a lot but mainly;) is Tom Holland. We always have "fights" about who is better. (TBS is a god)... Now back to the important part!! I really want her to watch the movie Nowhere Boy. It's about John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I seriously recommend. It is rated R though, so beware. 

Anyways, guys I hope you all have a Super Amazing day and week! Stay Safe. latest?cb=20160123182744

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