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They are real



Have you ever experience something that is supposed to be not real, but is real? Well, Ladies and Gentlecolts. I'm gonna tell you a scary and horrifying experience I've been through. Back then, when I was in 4th grade in elementary school. I was living in a church apartment at the time, before I moved into a bigger house. The events started happening one night, when I had to use the restroom before I went to sleep. Half way down the hall of the apartment. I had a instinct to stop before passing the living room area and to turn around. It was not the feeling of being watched, but an instinct somehow kicked in. When I turned around. I saw 2 glowing white eyes peaking out through the door it cracked opened. After, seeing for a split second. It closed the door to the heater room. I next went to go wake up my dad, that sleeping on the couch in the living room and told him what I saw. We went down the hall to the small heater room and when we opened the door. The creature wasn't their anymore. It's like it vanished into thin air in order to get not spotted. After my dad checked. He said that he didn't see anything. I could've sworn I saw something and I seen what I've seen. 3 months later, I had a Spider-Man toy standing on top of my tv. I was watching tv at the time in my bedroom and when I got up. I saw that their was a liquid small water puddle underneath the toy was standing on. The weird part is that it came from his lower half of his body. The good thin is that I've noticed that, because it would've gone through the cracks of the tv. I went to go get my dad about it and he thought that it was odd and weird as well. So, we cleaned up the water puddle and put the Spider-Man toy back in my toy box and never sat it on my tv again. In the summer time, when church ended. I went up stairs to hangout in the apartment, but I've got that instinct again. I stopped on the 2nd flight of stairs leading to my apartment with the door wide opened. Nobody broke in, because we have the bottom staircase locked. So that way any children can't go up stairs. When, I stood their for a second. I heard someone breathing very heavy. The sound of someone getting angry kind of breathing. After hearing the first heavy breathing. I rushed down the stairs so quick. That the breathing got louder and louder, until I hit the bottom and it stopped. I went to one of the church people and told him about it. He then said "that was the angel spirits!". I was like "What?" and I told myself that ( it didn't sound very happy at all. ). A few weeks later. We went to the hospital at night to see our paster, because he was suffering from a heart attack ( He's a big guy in a electric wheelchair ). The very nice last thing he did for before he past away is. He gave us his house for free, which is very nice, kind, and generous of him. So, we packed our things at the church and moved into the paster's house. After that, I didn't have any paranormal problems until later on down the road. I'm glad I moved out of the church and i'm glad I survived a paranormal stealth attack. 


Moral of the Story: Demons are real, but they rarely make a appearance in our lives. They are to be taken serious and they are very dangerous on many levels. So, it's best to stay away from the paranormal and beyond the contacts of it. The paranormal is no laughing matter.


I hope you ladies and gentlecolts enjoyed this scary story I've told. I've got more stories that are non-scary later on. Everypony, have a nice day or night! May your favorite pony visit you in your dreams!


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Holy sheet! That sounds scary.

But still, I have never seen any paranormal activities in my entire life, so I simply don't believe in them.

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Awesome Story! I love stuff like that! 

I too have witnessed the paranormal first-hoof and let me tell you, it never gets old! I welcome any and all paranormal activity !

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