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Day 1: 10 Things To Help You Feel Better When You're Sick



Currently I'm at home sick so I thought it fitting to post a list of 15 things that always help me when I'm stuck in bed. 

1. Tea: Drinking tea always calms me down and soothes my throat. Any teas will do, as long as they aren't too harsh. Usually the labels will say the best uses for each tea. 

2. Heat pad: Whenever I'm not feeling well I get out the heat pad. Put it on your stomach and you should feel better and more relaxed. 

3. Water: I always drink lots of water when I'm sick. This may sound weird, but you want your pee to be almost clear, not dark. This comes with drinking a lot of water. 

4. Toast: If you find that you can't keep anything down, toast is always my go to option. ( with butter)

5. Soup: Like toast, soup is another go to food when I'm sick. Normal Progresso Chicken Noodle is what I buy, but whatever fits your needs.  

6. Coloring: Being able to do almost nothing is unbearable. One thing that doesn't require much thought or skill is coloring. So get out your crayons, cat coloring books, and lets get started!   

7. TV: Obviously, watching your favorite shows on Netflix or YouTube is the key to getting better.

8. Chicken Broth: When I was little, my mom made mugs of chicken broth when we were sick. At the time, it seemed really disgusting, yet it actually helped. I suggest adding some salt to give it some actual taste..

9. Music: Listening to your favorite jams can distract you from how horrible you are feeling. 

10. Sleep: Everyone needs rest to heal their sickness properly. Who hates sleeping and skipping school anyways?!

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