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Some Things I've Been Wondering About



So I have been wondering: 

Do I really have "quality" blog content? Is what I write interesting to read about? 

I see that a lot of people view my content, and a few select users comment. For a blog, are the viewers or ones who comment what I am trying to gain? 

I would also like to know what kinds of things you guys would like to hear about in the future. *Comment your answers down below*

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Well... the reason most people don't comment can be that either:-

a) They aren't sure what they can comment to a certain entry but possibly they might like entry.  


b) They aren't interested or much fascinated by the article as much as you might think they'd be. 

As for your entries, I don't think there's anything wrong with them. I and I believe many other people really like to read your entries. :)

You should keep up with them without worrying about commenters or viewers too much. 

Happy Blogging. :laugh:

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Some folks just like to lurk and read posts from others.

Keep doing your blogs. I've enjoyed reading the stories you've posted. :fluttershy:

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For a blog, are the viewers or ones who comment what I am trying to gain?

Well, unless one is trying to make a business out of blogging by creating their own site and making ad revenue, then this isn't the question you should be asking, in my opinion.  Write what you want to write about.  Write for yourself, not for others.  If some folks enjoy it, great!  That's a bonus.  But it should be something you do for yourself.  Write about what's important to you.  The question to ask yourself is after writing a blog entry, do you feel like it was time well-spent?  If yes, then that's all that matters.

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