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Some Things I've Been Wondering About



So I have been wondering: 

Do I really have "quality" blog content? Is what I write interesting to read about? 

I see that a lot of people view my content, and a few select users comment. For a blog, are the viewers or ones who comment what I am trying to gain? 

I would also like to know what kinds of things you guys would like to hear about in the future. *Comment your answers down below*

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Well... the reason most people don't comment can be that either:-

a) They aren't sure what they can comment to a certain entry but possibly they might like entry.  


b) They aren't interested or much fascinated by the article as much as you might think they'd be. 

As for your entries, I don't think there's anything wrong with them. I and I believe many other people really like to read your entries. :)

You should keep up with them without worrying about commenters or viewers too much. 

Happy Blogging. :laugh:

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Some folks just like to lurk and read posts from others.

Keep doing your blogs. I've enjoyed reading the stories you've posted. :fluttershy:

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