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My Only Addiction (besides reading)



As some of you might know, I'm a dancer. I started dancing around seven months ago actually. It doesn't seem long at all, but in that time dance has become my life. In June I stared my first hip hop class, by November I was also starting Contemporary and Lyrical Hip Hop. I soon decided to drop the lyrical hip hop to save money because hip hop mixed with contemporary is essentially lyrical hip hop. 

During my last hip hop class before our performance, the owner of the studio came into our class looking for people who would be ready to move up to the next level. About ten or eleven people raised their hand, only four or five were actually ready. It surprised me when my name was called. I also thought it would scare me to move to a different class, yet I'm not. My studio is full of really great people and I honestly think that dancing has expanded my comfort zone by a lot. Some of my friends from my first class are also moving up so I won't be alone!

On my first day of class ever, I was that girl in the back corner not talking to anyone. The second class I was dragged to the front row by this kid Kiernan. During the third class, I went to the front row on my own. Kiernan became my go to person, my best friend. Then this girl Abigail started talking to us. SO we became this trio that always took the front row. We had tons of fun. Around two months in, Kiernan had to quit the class. Abigail had been gone on his last day, though. When she came back and he was gone she was like WHAT NOOOO. After that, she kind of drifted away as a friend. As odd as it seems, that was fine with me. I don't think I realized, but I had made friends with the whole class. 

I'm a bit sad that I'm moving up and leaving some of my friends behind, but a lot of them go to my school. 

Anyways, the point of this blog was to say how much dance has changed my life and also how much I love it and need it. We've been on break for two weeks and I'm actually getting anxious. It feels weird going so long without it. Obviously I dance at home, but I'm all alone or with my mom. It's not the same as in the studio. 

Before dance, I had no exercise. I sat around the house reading for hours and hours each day. In elementary I had done soccer. That stopped in middle school because I was too old for our local rec center's league and I wasn't good enough for club. My mom always wanted me to join the track team because I can run really fast. Never did. Basically every person I hated did track. When I told my mom that I wanted to join dance, she was extremely shocked. I had done ballet in kindergarten and hated it. (probably because we had to wear these really gross and "pretty" weird dress tutu things). So I quite. Honestly, I think I would't have quite if we didn't wear those horrible tutus. So my mom had searched for ballet studios. I told her I didn't want to do ballet I wanted to do hip hop... She seemed less surprised now...  

In the beginning, my other friend was going to join with me, but she decided to do martial arts instead. I was really nervous that first day because I didn't have her with me. It all turned out great. 

Okay this got long so I'll just cut it off right here. 

Thanks for reading!    

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Do you know another thing that is an addiction and life changing?




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11 minutes ago, Kevin Tang said:

Do you know another thing that is an addiction and life changing?

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That's so great that you have something active that you enjoy so much.  Figure skating was like that for me for awhile.  I hope dancing continues to go well for you.

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