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(This is a repost of a post i made back in October. It's a song parody based on the song "The Phoney King of England" from the Disney Movie Robin Hood, with lyrics changed to make it into a tribute song for @Jeric. I put a video down below here. Have fun) Oh, the internet has a human yet
Skulking behind his Screen
A someone who likes Rarity and
Is never ever mean With other bronies on his side
MLPForums grew
With Darky, Pathy, Randi, Arty
And many more in the crew Jeric was this brony's name
Our lives would never be the same
He's known as the Pony King on the E-Net!
All hail to the Pony King on the E-Net! He sits alone on a giant throne
Reading emails all day
He posts up news and Rarity pics
And keeps the spam away
And he throws an angry tantrum
If Rarity's not on site
So it's a pointless post
With Rarity as the host
All this, despite the server's plight Despite this, he still gets the scoops
Before the spoilers leak out. Whoops!
All hail to the Pony King of the E-Net! As Pathy is making deerpony posts
Right behind old Jeric's head
As Jeric swaps banner backdrops
From green to pink to red
All this despite a gross mishap
Which was a pain, you see
He got locked in with buttons mom
He was shipped a time or three But it's already nighttime, wow!
His kids should be in bed by now!
The pony and homey king on the E-net!
The mailin' wailin',
Postin' hostin',
Blabberin' jabberin',
Typin' hypin',
clickin' flickin',
Wheelin' dealin'
Jeric, the Pony King on the E-net!