Pause Menu Still in Progress - Programming | MLP:SH Devlog #12

Programming Pause Menu in progress...


> also implemented 'pause' --- , so that everything stops while the menu is opened. :mlp_pout:
> also added background && shading to Twilight's Profile Pic in the menu --- now it doesn't look that plain. :darling:
> also configured fonts --- now that was time-consuming, I had to nicely align each character, then load that to the project properly. For example, here's my hand-drawn font for GUI with just few characters:

The font used in the commands however, uses small and large cases, numbers and all the potentially needed characters for dialogues and such...


It is also hand drawn, for the most part at least. I used an existing font to start with. ...Comic Sans turned out to be pretty good for a pixel font. :mlp_icwudt:


Well, that's all for now! ^_^ 

Thank you for visiting! :mlp_yeehaa:

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