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State of the Project: January 21, 2019

Even with how short it will probably be, yes, I do need to post this.


If you somehow got here without knowing, I have been working on a potential design for a tabletop game. Now the game has technically been in development at this point for about 2 or 3 years. All I can reveal as of now about the game itself (I've revealed a lot of this already) is that it's a sort of hybrid between Heroclix and a MOBA with a post-apocalyptic setting (To address concerns about the way that may sound, it actually feels quite natural to a degree when you actually play it, the combination actually works quite well... Though it's had to receive a few tweaks on the way, I think it should work pretty decently right now based on my first impressions. Though, fair warning, there's plenty of things to keep track of).


The game right now is sort of on pause (until things get better enough to make it feasible to progress). There are several reasons why it is:

  • I'm having SERIOUS financial trouble, so bad that the power at my house may be cut off in a few hours if my Dad didn't get on to paying the bill... If it's that bad, then i
  • I don't have access to my own printer right now. I can get around this, but Dad will have to be off of his computer and I'll have to be proactive enough to put all the content on a flash drive so I can get it there to print. Which looks like it's not going to be quite that simple, but I can make it happen. I've done it before. This is important because I finished the current patch, but I'd prefer to do my own QA some before I really get it out there, so that way I can sort of judge for myself based on actual play of the game, and also so I can make sure it is playable and coherent.
  • I've not been on the best terms emotionally. This has been the case for a long while now, but it's really compounding it nonetheless. I've had issues with anxiety and depression for a while now, and it's been getting worse because of my current financial situation. It's been causing a LOT of distress.
  • As of now, I'm the ONLY person working on it and the only real interest I've had for the game has been from my older brother who play-tested an earlier version and @PoisonClaw. There have been people who have brought it up a couple of times, but what I mean here is that they show interest in a way that actually CONTRIBUTES to it and helps it on its way.

I'll admit I only really NEED the printer and electricity (obviously) to get anywhere at all right now, but to really progress with it, I'll really need to address all of this, and it needs to be remedied somehow or this game is going to go into serious development hell in the near future. But I think that's not going to happen, so... Probably won't get too far after a certain point...


But, hopefully, I might be able to get out the patch I actually finished about a week ago soon if things turn out. All I'd actually need to do is get on to printing all of the necessary materials, triple-checking it so that way it comes out as polished as a single person could possibly make such a thing. For now, I am also sort of working on ANOTHER side project that may become a sort of spin-off to this (but is starting to look like it has a better chance of getting scrapped instead, due to it more than likely being overshadowed by an EXTREMELY popular tabletop game that's been around for a while), and other than that just trying as hard as I possibly can to keep my stress under control before it pops by playing an excessive amount of Borderlands 2 and trying to farm every piece of legendary gear in the base game that I have any remote degree of interest in... -__-


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