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Episode 25 - Sex-Specific Colors





Y'know what really grinds my gears?  Sex-specific colors.  Y'know, this blue for boys and pink for girls sh*t.  Why is this so ingrained in our culture?  They're just freakin' colors.  Reflected wavelengths of light.  They don't have anything to do with one sex or the other.  Anyone can like any color they want.

One of the best examples of this is when I go self-serve frozen yogurt shops.  Every one I've ever been to has green and pink spoons.  Or sometimes it's blue and purple.  And every time I've ever gone to one, the employee gives me a green/blue spoon.  Y'know--because I'm male.  Every time.  My parents and I will go, and they give us two green spoons for me and my dad, and a pink for my mom.  I LIKE PINK BETTER.  Pink's my favorite color!  But of course, of friggin' course, we all know that males are required by law to take the green spoons.  Men aren't allowed to like pink because that's f*ckin' gay, dude.

And how about when I go to the dentist?  Y'know how they always give you a toothbrush?  They have an assortment of colors, and it's the same story there as the yogurt places.  In fact, you know what?  One time my hygienists actually asked me which color I wanted, and I said pink, and she was flipping flabbergasted!!  She was like, "What?!  REALLY?!!:dry:  Pffft.  Are you kidding me?!

But the thing is, I mean, it's not even like pink and purple are that uncommon in men's clothing!  You go in friggin' Kohl's and there are pink and purple dress shirts and ties all over the friggin' place.  So what's the deal with the yogurt places and the dentist, huh?  Why are they shocked?  What the hell?

F*ck these sex-specific colors, dude.  And just to be clear, so I don't open up some can a worms--No, I'm not offended, and I'm not angry at the employees.  I'm just annoyed at society for having this deeply ingrained, irrational, arbitrary mindset about colors.

And that, ponies, is what grinds my gears.

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To make this even more absurd, prior to the 1900s, the colors were reversed (blue for girls and pink for boys) because blue is a calming color and pink is a lighter shade of red, often associated with blood and strength.

Also, pink and purple are two of my favorite colors.

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I 100% agree. This NEVER made any sense to me either. The whole idea that boys shouldn't like pink is ridiculous. I mean I'm biologically male and pink and red are my favorite colors... The whole sexist color labeling is downright moronic and needs to stop (Yes it IS sexist! TOWARDS EVERYONE!).

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Vegeta disagrees with you:


The jury is out here. Perception can be affected by your attitude and confidence or lack thereof. Men can like pink and still be seen as not gay if they own it like my man Vegeta does.

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Well, it's a matter of market segmentation. It's infinitely easier to market to clear and obvious demographics, so it's in the economic interest of basically every company in the world to divide the consumer base like this. Since most people think and act the way popular culture tells them to, and major companies pretty much control popular culture, this is what we get. I doubt it's going to go away before it becomes unprofitable.

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