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Rayven Starshield

Scarlet Rose


Name: Rayven Starshield
Age: Young Mare
Gender: Mare
Species: Batpony
Status: Single
Occupation: Princess
Likes:  Mischief, stuffies, teasing the royal & night guards, pranks
Dislikes: Rude & Disrespectful ponies, harmful pranks, 'Prince' Blueblood
Rayven is a mischievous young mare, who loves nothing more than a good prank. She loves to flirt with and tease both the royal and night guards. She is very protective and caring towards her twin brother Silver Moon, who is a bit of a frail colt. She is loyal to her family and the friends she has.
Rayven Starshield was born to Prince Crow Moon, the son of Princess Luna and Discord (In an AU), and to Scarlet Rose (A wolf from another world). Growing up, she was tutored by Equestria's finest and best tutors, but would often try to skip out on classes to either pull pranks on her friends and family or to flirt with a guard (leans towards the Night guard).


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14 hours ago, Amanita said:

She sounds cute, can I draw her?

If you wish, sure go for it

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