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Lucid Nightlight

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Name: Lucid Nightlight

Species: Poquus (looks of a pony and power of a draconequus)

Occupation: Local comedian

Backstory: Lucid grew up in an orphanage in Ponyville. Later on, he ran into Discord and made a bet, which Lucid won. For winning the bet, he got a stick that could warp reality. After the events of Tirek, Lucid and a friend of his were helping repair Canterlot Castle when the friend was killed in what was thought to be an accident with stone. Blaming himself for this, he left to an alternate universe where he met a draconequus named Novia who helped cheer him up.

Facts: Lucid use to be a normal Pegasus until he ate the stick. He has a bearded dragon named Pringle. Lucid's name was originally going to be Shokku until I decided that Lucid Nightlight was a better name.

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