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Species: Pony (unicorn)

Occupation: Royal Guard

Backstory: Arrow was born and raised in Manehatten. Early in his life, Arrow was poorly treated, but it wouldn't be long until his parents were caught and locked in jail. Without his parents, his grandfather would be the one taking care of him. Since his grandfather was once a royal guard, he taught Arrow how to fight with various with weapons. Once he was well trained, he decided to it was time for him to see the world. He went on quite a few adventures and found many magical relics. One day, someone with a bow had a good shot on him, but due to a startling sound the aim went off and Arrow was hit in the knee instead of the heart which was the original plan. After some time in the hospital, he decided to join the Solar Royal Guards.

Facts: Arrow was originally made as a joke character. Arrow owns a pug named Stumpy. Despite facing many things such as dragons, Arrow cannot seem to win a fight against Somnus who is way more experienced that Arrow. His name isn't actually Arrow, it's just a nickname. What's his real name? Idk, it's none of my business.

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