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Hazbin Hotel OC?

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Well I've been in the processes of trying to make this forum-appropriate (Still a couple things that may be, well, iffy) and refining some of the details in my head for a while, but here's a general idea. Really, I forgot to post it a couple of weeks ago, so it never came out. Also, there's still no art because I'm no artist.


Name: Mr. McLove (Meyer McLeery) Nicknames: "Rat in the Hat", "Rat Fink", "Sweets"         Type: Rat Demon

Date of Death: July 26, 1889           Cause of Death: Shot during a fight in a saloon

Occupation: Male Prostitute (Primarily serving male clients)

About: Meyer McLeery, or Mister McLove as he's known, was a male prostitute in the days of the Old West, operating in a small town in Arizona. The "Rat in the Hat", as he's been called, was and is still known for his trademark pink ten gallon hat, his mercilessness towards those who cross him, and his inability to handle bad insults about his sexual orientation. He is in Hell to atone for the following acts: the murders of at least 15 people, several bank robberies, and a few acts of grotesque cruelty that can't even be mentioned. In the underworld, he's been up to his old tricks. Killing demons for looking at him funny, being "obnoxious," or even calling him "Rat Fink." He doesn't want to leave Hell as he gathered a faithful clientele there. He also doesn't want them to leave either. He vehemently opposes Charlie's Hotel and he's been trying his hardest to make it fail. 



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