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Being a Sonic the Hedgehog fan...



I know that this isn’t MLP related but it’s important to note about how long I’ve been a Sonic fan and why Sonic himself is my favorite character of all time and is personally my idol.

It all started in 2008, I was 10-11 years old I think and I went into a game store with my mom because she told me I could pick out a game because of a lot of very good things that I did beforehand. I saw Sonic Unleashed for PS2, which at the time was the latest Sonic game, and I told my mom that I wanted that game and I remember her asking me why I wanted that one.

”The guy on the cover looks cool” is what I said.

So she bought it and when we got home, I immediately went to my room and played the game on my PS2. I loved this game and every thing was so awesome, because of how fast I could go and how awesome Sonic was. Over time, I managed to finish the game and after I did I told myself:

”That game was so fun! Is there any other games like this?”

And I was so correct. I looked up Sonic online and saw a good 20 other Sonic games and I wanted to play all of them. So, sometime later I got Sonic Mega Collection Plus for my PS2 and played through all of the Classic games and I loved all of them.

”Sonic is so awesome! He’s so fast and cool”

At that moment, my love for Sonic and his games soared. Every time a Sonic game came out, I’d always get it and play the hell out it. Sometimes at school, I’d even tell my friends how awesome Sonic is and how I wish I could be just like him.

(Sometimes during gym class, whenever we had to do running, I would hold my arms out like Sonic does and run... Silly, I know, but all I could think of at the time was Sonic)

And now, 11 years later and still a proud Sonic fan and always will be, because even if Sonic is a fictional character, he’s still my hero and someone I wanted to be!

I hope Sonic the Hedgehog keeps running until the end of time, so that I can continue running alongside him!

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It's been a while since I played the Sonic games, but I owe a lot to the hedgehog too! :D It was playing my sister's old NES and Mega Drive games that got me into gaming in the first place, and I think Sonic 2 was the first game I really enjoyed playing. From there, I moved on to newer games – getting a GameCube, and obviously some Sonic games along with all the others. :) Sonic Mega Collection was awesome – I really need to get back to it someday and finally play through Sonic 1 (I've completed all the other original main Sonic games)!

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The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise remains incredibly important to me as well. While the series has had its ups and downs, I will continue to support it for as long as I breathe. Sonic 2, 3, Adventure, Rush, Unleashed and Colours, are among my favourite games :darling:.

Also, I did the exact same thing as you when I was younger - sticking my hands out a running like Sonic.

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