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An MLP unegging



Saw this at a supermarket and couldn't resist.
I had checked two videos about these and they both indicated these contain various figurines. But that must have been different, some special case, because this one only had an iron-on patch.

It was the same chocolate as in the review videos, too. Half brown milk with stars, half white. Both tasted mild, creamy, not overly sweet, and unspectacular.

I had a feeling it was too good to be true. (This day was rich in disappointments. Also gotta return a lighting article to the supermarket. Defective out of the package.)





Today I also got a toy egg for 50c. Of the various things that could be in it, like rings, tiny fancy photo frames, amulets and such, ... I got a hair clip. Eh. Well, at least with Pinkie on it. And a Twilight sticker.

The tiny candy pellets are yummy though.

And I got a purple egg container now.



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