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Poem I came up with for my boyfriend :3

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My lovely, my manly
My heart pounds so gladly
For you, my wondrous knight
I lust for you all night
If only t'were today
but not another day
My lover, my precious
You've been quite chivalrous
Am I justified such
From a man I love much
you've taught me love once more
couldn't be gladder for
My dear, my loveliest
do you fancy me best
I ponder that your mate
is me not, do I rate
better than I believe
or should my nerves reprieve
My other half, my love
I must be such a dove
in your eyes at the least
in mine eyes you're a feast
I quite frankly love you
more than you could have knew
He says it's good... But I'm not sure if it's because he's just being nice or it's actually good... -_- 
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