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A blast from the past

Kevin Tang


Subject name : "Do not attempt to combine real equine with equestrian equine ever again!"

Code : 13417

Class : Safe

Containment procedure : to be kept in a locked locker where it can't be seen.


Description : subject-13417 is a shitty drawing. It was an experiment done by a secondary school student in attempt to bioengineer a normal equine to an equestrian equine. However a catastrophic failure in design occurred due to lack of creator's reference on how an equestrian equine is supposed to took like. The experiment ended up creating a very bad winged and horned horse with an abnormal anatomy wearing some kind of accessories.


Additional data : (interview with the creator)


"Somewhere in 2018, my friend drew a real horse base, so I decided to bioengineer it to make it looked like as if it is from the show. But the experiment went wrong and instead of becoming an adorable and beautiful little pony, it became a deformed bad alicorn OC with an abnormally long neck, a fat body, and small legs. After the process was finished, we both look at it and said it looks quite good. But unfortunately after a while, its presence shows some hostility toward my eyes."

"So in order to prevent further embarrassment and pain, I made a decision to contain it in a locked locker alongside my other drawings."

"But today, when I was searching for old datas, I stumbled upon this thing and decided to look at it for nostalgia. I took a picture and posted it here."

"Before opening the spoiler, PLEASE BE WARNED, this drawing is pretty bad to the point where it might hurt your eyes!"

- Kevin Tang





Note : can't believe I did this, lol

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