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Nightmare Recherche


So... it has already been one full year since I logged in to MLPF, has it? It's amazing how quickly time can pass. :mlp_rarity:

Entries like this are never easy to illustrate; there is simply so much to say... but no rational order in which to say them. To be perfectly honest, the entire construction of this entry was practically done in reverse order. Be that as it may, I still feel it is only appropriate to write a tribute of sorts, especially today. :darling:

I have said before that MLPF may have been among the best times I have had on the internet... and in spite of all that has happened in the past year, I stand by that. I have gone through many phases with MLPF, from near enrapturement to outright apathy, but one thing that has remained true in spite of it all is the amazing people whom I have met having a very positive influence on me through the course of the past year. It is enticing to mention specific users who have made my experience here as amazing as it was... but I don't believe now is the time to play favorites. There are simply too many users who have made the Forums (and even places outside of them) such a lovely experience to narrow it down to a select group.

I was 15 when I had first logged on to the Forums, and I am now approaching my Bittersweet 17. In that time, I have undergone an unexpected amount of personal growth, in no small part due to these very Forums. Be it coping with envy, regulating my attention-whorish tendencies, learning to accept others' departure and cherish the times you had spent with them... among other things. I suppose I need only tackle my ever-persistent lethargy next. :D

In general, a theme throughout my life is potential without much tapping in to it, thanks to my laziness... but as of 2019, I have decided to finally start turning this on its head. My diet is starting to improve, my negative habits are slowly withering away while positive habits take their place, I am starting to maintain myself in general much better... you understand what I am saying.

Due to all of this... as strange as this may seem, I believe I finally understand why Rarity is likely my favorite fictional character of all time. She is the very incarnation of a self-made woman; peerless grace, an ever-charming personality, an overall luxurious and cultured lifestyle, and most importantly, every single trait I have mentioned was borne of her dedication to beauty and culture. In other words... she is practically a mirror of what I could be if I put in genuine effort.

In the end, my life has basically become a war of lethargy and short-term gratification VS dedication and long-term satisfaction (with Rarity as the main mascot, of course)... and I don't intend to capitulate to my laziness as I have for the majority of my life.

Either way, Friendship is Magic's final season has been unveiled with an absolutely gorgeous trailer yesterday, and I have quite a bit of catching up to do... so I suppose I shall finally get to it. It is unlikely that there will be a time better than this, after all. :darling:

Thank you very much to anyone who has read through this meandering blog entry, and I hope you have an absolutely splendid day! :mlp_grin: You have my eternal gratitude for the memories.

This was all terribly sappy, I know. :D

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A year... time really flies! :grin:

I'm glad to hear the year has been an awesome one for you! :mlp_yay: May the next one be just as great, or even better! Thanks for your invaluable contribution to the community, and even more importantly, for being an amazing friend! :rarity: It's people like you that make this community what it is! :D

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Well, I am glad to have met you here. We've became great friends, and lived through the ages of this forum, while it may not be what it used to be, let's enjoy it while it lasts. 

Words cannot truly convey, such an entry, in it's fullest.

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Has it seriously been one year already? Wow, time flies. Whatever happens, I hope that things will work out for you and you improve and discover yourself as you continue to grow up. Whatever said, It has been great to have you around for as long as we have.

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