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Every MLP G4 Song Scorecard




1. Song must have vocals

2. It must be longer than 1 minute

3. No Ponies Got the Beat, Rainbow, or Off to See the World. They were done by other people and just so happened to be in the MLP movie

4. No songs I already did in the Equestria Girls shorts

My Little Pony- Meh

Giggle at the Ghostly- Good

Winter Wrap Up- Great

Art of the Dress- Great

CMC Theme Song- Amazing

You Got to Share, You Got to Care- Great

At the Gala- Amazing

Pony Pokey- Good

May the Best Pet Win- Perfect

Becoming Popular- Okay

The Flim Flam Brothers Song- Perfect

The Perfect Stallion- Weak

The Smile Song- Perfect

B.B.B.F.F.- Okay

This Day Aria- Meh

Love is in Bloom- Meh

The Failure Song- Okay

Ballad of the Crystal Ponies- Good

The Success Song- Amazing

Babs Seed- Great

Raise This Barn- Good

Morning in Ponyville- Great

What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me- Okay

Find a Way- Meh

True, True Friend- Okay

Celestia's Ballad- Amazing

This Strange World- Meh

Helping Twilight Win the Crown- Okay

Time to Come Together- Meh

This is Our Big Night- Garbage

A Friend For Life- Meh

Hearts as Strong as Horses- Great

Bats- Okay

Generosity- Meh

Apples to the Core- Okay

Glass of Water- Good

Pinkie the Party Planner- Great

Super Duper Party Pony- Amazing

Pinkie's Lament- Okay

The Goof Off- Great

Cheese Confesses- Meh

Make a Wish- Bad

Find the Music in You- Okay

Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic- Good

You'll Play Your Part- Meh

Let the Rainbow Remind You- Garbage

Rainbow Rocks- Okay

Better Than Ever- Meh

Battle of the Bands- Good

Bad Counter Spell- Good

Shake Your Tail- Meh

Under Our Spell- Great

Tricks Up My Sleeve- Great

Welcome to the Show- Okay

Shine Like Rainbows- Okay

In Our Town- Great

Make This Castle a Home- Meh

I'll Fly- Weak

Rules of Rarity- Great

Sisterhood- Okay

The Vote- Good

The Pony I Want to Be- Bad

Light of Your Cutie Mark- Meh

The Pony I Want to Be (reprise)- Garbage

We'll Make Our Mark- Meh

The Spectacle- Meh

The Magic Inside- Garbage

Friends are Always There For You- Garbage

Friendship Games- Good

CHS Rally Song- Meh

What More is Out There?- Bad

Acadeca- Good

Unleash the Magic- Okay

Right There in Front of Me- Meh

Out On My Own- Meh

Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again- Good

Say Goodbye to the Holiday- Good

The Seeds of the Past- Amazing

Pinkie's Present- Perfect

Luna's Future- Garbage

Can I Do It On My Own- Okay

It's Gonna Work- Okay

Derby Racers- Meh

A Changeling can Change- Meh

Find the Purpose in Your Life- Good

Legend of Everfree- Okay

The Midnight in Me- Meh

Embrace the Magic- Bad

We Will Stand For Everfree- Meh

Legend You Are Meant To Be- Bad

Hope Shines Eternal- Bad

Best Friends Until the End of Time- Okay

Battle For Sugar Belle- Bad

You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song- Okay

Flawless- Garbage

Blank Flanks Forever- Awful

We Got This Together- Okay

I'm the Friend You Need- Perfect

Time to Be Awesome- Great

One Small Thing- Amazing

Open Up Your Eyes- Good

School of Friendship- Good

Friendship Always Wins- Meh

Your Heart is in Two Places- Weak

Friendship U- Great

We're Friendship Bound- Perfect

A Kirin Tale- Okay

Just Can't Be a Dragon Here- Good

One More Day- Great

The True Gift of Giving- Meh

6 Perfect
7 Amazing
15 Great
17 Good
21 Okay
25 Meh
3 Weak
7 Bad
1 Awful
7 Garbage

Final Score: Okay

Daniel Ingram can make some really great songs. The issue is that a lot of them sound the same. He doesn't have that many tricks up his sleeve. Also some songs are hurt from the context of the episode they're in.


TOP 5:

5. The Smile Song

4. May the Best Pet Win

3. I'm the Friend You Need

2. Pinkie's Present

1. We're Friendship Bound



5. Flawless

4. This is Our Big Night

3. The Pony I Want to Be (reprise)

2. Luna's Future

1. The Magic Inside

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