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Review of Uprooted

This was the season debut of the Student 6. I really enjoyed this one. It showed the difference of ideas that each of the 6 had, with Yona yet again being the big player in this episode. We also had the first new song of the season. I won't give anything away here, but it was a good episode that showed the differences that friends can have. But, when you get through those differences, friendship can create something beautiful.

My grade: B+

  • Brohoof 2
  • Shocked 1


Recommended Comments

I liked it too. :) I don't feel it quite achieved the quality of "The Beginning of the End" (though that was an exceptionally good one), but I enjoyed it anyway. Seeing the Student 6 is always nice. :mlp_yay: The episode may not have been one of my absolute favorites, but I found it cute... The song was fun (I especially liked Ocellus singing) and the ending was nice. :pinkie: Probably an 8.5/10 for me.

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