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Fifth Forumversary!

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Five years, five years since I joined this website. It's funny how time flies by like that. But I still remember the day I joined. It was a cloudy day and I got back from a volunteering place, and all I thought on the way back was that I wanted to look for a place to talk to other bronies with my ever growing love for the good ol' horse show. Who knew that this website would be the one to change how I see life now. I want to say how much MLP meant to me and give a huge thank you for all it has done. That includes the fandom, and the forums especially. 

I know I'm not exactly close with everyone here, but I really like so many of you anyway. I do hope I can make more friends here. :kindness: The MLP fandom is nowhere near perfect, but it is the most welcoming I've been in. With the show ending, I kind of think about how one show always brings everyone together. It's disappointing that it's ending, but... without the show, we all wouldn't be where we are today right? I'm almost even happy it's ending, to be honest. Because we can all look back at it one day and be thankful for what it has given to us. For me though, it has given me a great forum full of genuine people, and a small group of staffers who I'm not afraid to say are my closest friends.

That's all I wanted to say really. Thanks for everything then now and in the future :mlp_yay:

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