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Hairy Situation

Totally Roseluck


As the title pun suggests, this week I've been working pretty much exclusively on drawing hair detail in manes and tails. I've had. . . well, mostly failures. But I had one success. Sure it doesn't look fantastic, but considering how hard hair is and I've only just started with it, I'm really really happy with it. I think a few of you have seen this one already, but let's see it again anyway. :P


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Like I said, cutest art of Lucky I've seen so far! ^_^ You did an especially good job on the hair, very detailed. I also find it flattering you dream of Lucky's hair now. :derp:

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Stunning work, Lyra. Especially given that you haven't been at this for too long. This is a fine attempt! :twi:

Lucky looks pleased. Motivation to keep at it! :yay:

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