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The mystery of the Dali ponting



First this appeared in S2E9 - Sweet and Elite:



And now this in Equestria Girls - Spring Breakdown Part 5 'Hoofin' It':



Note how the old one has, arguably as a bit of an immersion breaker, a more realistic painted art style, but the new one has the cheese that is such an upgrade. Various elements became more odd/abstract, and the wear marks near the corners are mostly identical, too.

One could spin all kinds of theories as to what happened here.

Diegetically this would mean that the wear marks are intended part of the piece and this is the artist's or a copy artist's remake of the original painting.

This could just be an innocent, playful prop decision by a show artist, but it is still odd, since it is a kind of crossover reference to the show's past, and there was also a rubber chicken in a cushioned case shown, likely a reference to the Cheese Sandwich episode.

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