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I like every season aside from Winter. I find Winter to be truly lovely, but I’m not much for Christmas, and cold makes my body ache. Back to Spring. Spring means it’s starting to warm up, my birthday is on the way, and baby critters are imminent. We’ve adopted all of our pets this time of year, usually this week. And this year is no acceptation. 2017 my husband and my’s first pet that we got together, a mini lop rabbit died due to liver failure. Our deaf, poorly behaved, commanding, fearless rabbit that lived through driving cross country, died. They even did an autopsy so they could learn from her, and give better care in the future, which I thought was beautiful. I can’t even type this out without tearing up.

We got our dog Pascal, our puppy Lovelace, and our cats Hypnos and Ganache all this time of year. But we’re missing someone. Our little miss pants, our rabbit with an attitude who was completely fearless. While getting new rabbit won’t replace her, I hope to honor her memory with two new bunny pals.


We pick them up Saturday from the adoption agency. Once they’re used to each other, they’ll share a space. Once they’re used to the space, they’re area will expand to all of my office, and so long as they’re comfortable, hopefully the whole house. The little black and white one is a bit timid, but he’s not been around people too much. The bigger white male was instantly friendly and wanted to hang out. Neither were even interested in being aggressive.

The balance of power is going to be wrested firmly away from us ladies, me and Lovelace, but we’re tough, and we can handle it. I just miss having softs to low key cuddle with.

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The white one is quite a chubby one!

The other one looks really timid and adorable! :mlp_please:

You are letting them run inside the office and whole house? Won't anything get dirty?

Small anecdote, my brother used to have some desert gerbils. At a time, he had two of them only, within the same cage. Whenever he had left them running in the room, they did sniff at each other to identify it. I was like You have like never ever seen another mouse in your life, I am pretty sure it is the same one you know already. :catface:

PS: Are you back at home with your family?

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On 5/16/2019 at 1:58 PM, Bas said:


Rabbits are actually really easy to litterbox train. I'm actually more concerned about the dogs getting into their box than the mess they'll leave. My last rabbit was allowed to roam the house, but it took time for her to get comfortable around cats, dogs, and people.

If you're referring to my internship, I've decided not to go. It was supposed to start on June 3rd, but I got hurt, which happens often and I was unable to walk for a few weeks. I figured if that happened while I was living alone, that probably wouldn't be a good thing, among other reasons. Particularly because I have two pretty tough classes this term. So we got rabbits instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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