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Bittersweet Seventeen

The Recherche


Well then, considering the fact that we have reached the approximate halfway point of 2019, and that I have just reached 17 years of age... this year has been quite an adventure thus far. :pout:

It is such a shame as well; January through early April was a steady ascension for me... but it all started to crumble by the end of April. I will withhold details for privacy's sake, but the basic idea is that there is a certain internal struggle that I had finally found the solution for... only for it to be stifled. Ever since then, the progress that I had made in the past few months has started to crumble, and only got worse throughout the course of May, up to this point. Fortunately, I am clumsily picking myself back up, and plan to reach that peak again before climbing higher... but it is such a shame that I had to slip so far in terms of physical and mental progress. Oh well; such is life, I suppose. :pout: Fortunately, it is not all grey skies. I have gotten much better at facing my fears this year; I have actually done so 4 times at this point, which has lead to a steady boost in confidence. Even so, I have quite a bit of ground to make up for.

Either way, it is often said that 17 is among the more bittersweet years of your life... and while I am certainly not qualified to judge yet, I do think I understand why. At least in the United States, you are not a child... but not quite an adult either.  It can be seen as the coup de grace to childhood (though not necessarily youth), and the introduction to adult life. It is a time when you are expected to finally stand on your own, albeit with a bit of fun scattered here or there. Basically, it is seen as the time when teenagers finally transition to young adults, come age 18, after many growing pains and adolescent angst. I imagine we all know life only just begins at that age, but I will cross that bridge once I arrive at it. :D

I would like to conclude this rambling session with a song that resonated with me quite a bit, that I have only recently discovered. It is quite simple, and debatably tacky, but I enjoy it nevertheless. :mlp_grin: This song speaks of a woman, yes, but I imagine anyone can ultimately relate to it on some level.



With all of that said, I would like to thank you all for the Birthday wishes today! :darling: I have had many apprehensions with the Forums in the past, but you lovely fellows truly shine through it all. With all of that said, thank you for your continued attention through all of my rambling. Have a lovely evening!

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17. Quite a big number. I'll be there in less than a year as well.

2019, has definitely passed very quickly. The year hasn't exactly been spectacular for me, but I do hope you accomplish what you desire. It may be hard, but it will all be worth it in the end. Even if you do feel like throwing your hat down and saying screw it, keep going. It will all go well in the end.

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I'm sorry to hear the year has been a bit mixed for you... Hopefully, all the good things will dominate the rest of the year! :rarity:

While I can't say I have any particularly interesting stories to tell about when I was 17, I remember it was actually quite nice. :D And Frank Sinatra seemed to agree. :P

I hope you have an amazing year, my friend! :kindness: Stay fabulous! :darling:


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17 was definitely a turning point for me especially, considering it was the year I had started college and began to get a taste of what real life was like. If I'm honest, you shouldn't spend your time worrying or stressing about how or where your life as a whole is gonna go, 'cause to be honest, none of us have any idea how or where our life is gonna go. You still have your youth to explore and try new things and use the experience gained from these to grow as a person and discover who you are and what you want out of life. If you try something and it doesn't work out for you, try something different tomorrow, either way you'll be experiencing something new and something different than the day before. My point is, live for today, don't give a thought to the consequences. It's the things that you don't do that you regret. The world is your oyster, and you should experience it as best as you can while you can. Nevertheless, we all wish you the absolute best, and hope you achieve everything you want out of life to the absolute. Hope you had a great 17th buddy! 

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Posted (edited)

Keep up the progress, @The Recherche. You'll get there! :mlp_grin:

Enjoy those late teens. The 20's pass by quickly, as I've found out. 30 is right around the corner for me.  :wau:

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