Episode 35 - Sexist Haircuts

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Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  The fact that most hair salons charge different prices for men's and women's cuts.  What the f*ck is that bullsh*t?!  Every salon that I've seen charges more for women's, the justification being that women's haircuts are more difficult.  What the f*ck is that bullsh*t?!  I realize that may be true much of the time, but it's completely unfair to charge based on sex.  Charged based on actual difficulty!  What if a woman has short hair and an easy cut, and what if a man has long hair and complex cut?!  Like, what if a woman just has a simple trim, and a man gets, like, a word cut into his hair... or... like, corn rows or some other complicated thing?  Lucky for him and sucks to be her, I guess.  My mom happens to have short hair and a really easy, simple cut, and I, a dude, have hair down to my lower back!  My cut takes longer than hers, and I get charged less!  How is that fair?!  Either lower the price of women's cuts slightly, and raise the cuts of men's slightly so that everyone is even and they make the same amount of money, or much better yet, find a way to charge based on the actual difficulty.  If there's no way to objectively gauge difficulty, then charge based on hair length, or the amount of hair cut off, or probably most logical of all, charge based on the amount of time the cut takes!  That would make the most sense.  Anything would be better than just giving men a deal for having a Y chromosome, and screwing over women even if their cut is simpler.  Geeze, if ever there was an occasion for someone to play the extreme left SJW transgender affirm my self identified male gender regardless of what I am or what I look like or I'm gonna rant and rave and pitch a fit and smear your business on social media for being transphobic and discriminatory card, this is it.  Sh*t, dude.

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