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I like writing in my blog. It distracts me. In a way.

I think about everything way too much that when I write, I only like to hear the words I'm typing. Sometimes it's not always that way but if I focus on that it helps with my over thinking. Writing helps me organize my thought in a very unorganized way. It's not that great sitting and typing on a screen forever but it'll do. In elementary school I kept diary's full of all the drama that happened at school and how I thought the guy I liked liked me back. It's some really corny stuff. Maybe I'll post them sometime? We'll see. 

But for as long as I can remember, I have been reading and writing. In fourth grade I wrote so many beginnings of books I never finished writing. It was my life though. So here I am right now blogging and trying to keep myself from being an extreme sicko today on 4th of July. Stranger Things Three is out on Netflix today so I'm very excited about that. Maybe I'll go and watch that now. :yay:

I'm probably just going to spam blog posts this morning/ today because I have nothing better to do with my life. I wanted to have my friends over for a sleepover but everyone was busy- so no people today. Just me. Obviously my family too but they're not great people to talk to right now. 

I wish I could talk to Sam. Especially about a lot of what I've been writing about today and last night. It's ok it's all good. I'll find out everything I need to know in time and it's okay. 

Anyways, might go watch some Stranger Things now. Wish me luck with life

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