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Pretty good video. Granted, I have my reasons for not agreeing with his assessment of Sombra being gone for good, and this is just one recent example...


However, I love hearing arguments from the other side of the aisle and he backed up his points well. :fluttershy:

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Season 3 Sombra was the way it should have been done. No gloating, no talking, just getting the job done and establishing victory. That is the Sombra I love, that is the Sombra that should have been done. Not this...cheap feeling....arrogant, gloating Sombra...he almost feels like Trixie to me, he's not. You are quite right about Tirek and I'd rather have seen Tirek do what Sombra did, if at all. If anything, Grogar shouldn't have let them go because the ponies of Equestria would know something is happening. The ideal way to do it is to establish a hard core plan, stick to it, and get it done without any mercy to anyone. I want to see him return, and bring pain and destruction, I want to even see the mane 6 lose.

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Ironically, one of Alvin Sanders's earlier roles -- Cybron (Skysurfer Strike Force) -- acted and sounded closer to a proper Sombra.

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