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Episode 42 - Character Limits



Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  Character limits.  Okay, this isn't just an "in general" kind of thing; I have a very specific case that requires a bit of explanation.  It's really good, I swear!

Okay, so, I got my mom into video games a few years ago, and she has been playing through a bunch of Xbox 360 games.  She ran out of things to do on that system, and she really wants to play the new entries in her favorite franchises (Fallout, Red Dead, Farcry), so we decided to get her an Xbox One.  She's gotten pretty proficient at playing the games, but she doesn't know the first thing about setting up the consoles, installing, migrating profiles, etc.  That's my dept.  So, I've been setting the new console up for her.  Her profile on the 360 was always just local.  Never had any reason to put it online.  But now I wanted her to able to use the same profile on the One so that she can keep going with her gamer score and all that.  So, I figured I'd LIVE up her 360 profile.  Just the free version, y'know.  No need for gold.  (I copied all of her saves manually.)  So, in order to make the profile live, she would need an email address, which she's never had.  (She's never done computers; only single player console.)  So, I made what I call a "dummy" email for her.  Just a Microsoft account with no other purpose than register the Xbox Live profile.  So, I make the email account on my computer.  I make the password a long string of random characters.  Like, about 25 characters.  Then, I go back to the Xbox 360 and start the process to make the profile live.  It asks me to input the password for the account I just made.  I proceed to do it.  And what do you suppose happened?  The Xbox 360 has a 16 character limit for inputting passwords.



Are you actually f*cking serious?  Yes, you really are.  Holy f*cking sh*t.  So, the website had a really long character limit for passwords; like 50 characters.  I made mine about 25.  (Didn't count exactly.)  The 360 doesn't allow you to input more than 16 characters for the password.  I tried to input the thing, and it didn't work.  I literally, physically could not enter the password I just made.  What in the holiest of f*ck?!  There was literally no way for me to proceed.  Impossible.  Password could not be entered.  Period.  I try to cut software devs slack and all.  I know it's a  hard job.  But omg--I just cannot get over that.  Absolutely no way to enter my password on the 360.  That is the most twisted, putrid, heinously anus, piece of holy f*cking bullsh*t I have ever experienced in my entire life.  Holy sh*t, dude.

So, what did I do?  I went back to the computer, signed into the email, clicked on change password, put in an alternate recovery email, signed into that email to retrieve the security code they just sent, input the code in the first email, changed the password to be 16 characters (making it that much less secure.  Bastards... :baconmane:), then went back to the 360 and finally input the password successfully.  Omg.  OMFG, dude.

Password character limits are




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I always start my passwords with a " since I heard it fools the spider bots because they see an open string and get confused.

Anyway, I have run into that problem a few times. Maybe they are trying to save memory because computers are so expensive and all.

There is nothing more annoying than runnin

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God passwords drive me crazy!

When they demand that you need numbers and symbols and capitals and you can't use a password you previously used. How am I supposed to come up with a random string of gibberish that I will remember and is not easy to guess??? Just let me decide on a password! If it's not secure that's my problem!

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