Episode 46 - Spa Jets

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Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  When I'm at my gym, and people turn on the spa jets without askin' me.  Okay, hold on, there, chief.  Just cool yer jets, mm'kay?  Lemmie 'splain.  So, I go to my gym at night to swim when it's uncrowded, and I soak in the spa when I'm done.  Now, unlike most, I prefer the jets off.  Just don't like em.  I prefer the calm.  I find it much more relaxing.  Now, I'm perfectly okay with jet people having precedence.  So, if someone else wants the jets, I'll concede that they should take priority over me, because I can always sit in between the jets and not having them blowing on me.  But what really burns me is when I'm in the spa alone, all by myself, with the jets off, and then some joker walks by and hits the jet button without asking, and just walks away!  They weren't planning on getting in!  They just saw me sitting in there with the jets off and figured that the only reason I didn't turn them on is because I didn't want to get out and walk two steps, so they hit the  button for me.  And it's on a timer, so I can't turn 'em back off.  People do this to me all the time, and I can never stop them in time, because I don't know that they're gonna do it until they do it.  They all think they're being nice and just doing me a favor, but it's really annoying.  Drives me nuts.  Don't do stuff like this.  Think before you do stuff.  Ask first.

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