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I did this in the form of a tier list a few months ago, and I've decided that format really doesn't befit rating episodes of this series (at least the first 3 seasons... :dry: 4 was alright, but quite a few post-S5 episodes will be in my nightmares). I am redoing it. First off, because I've watched more SpongeBob since and secondly, I was again inspired to do so, this time by a Cosmodore video counting down all the episodes from worst to best (that he posted all the way back in 2017). I will rate these (every episode in the first three season) all in sort of categories, but they are also ranked with short comments on them, or referencing a particular gag or joke in the episode I really enjoyed... Anyways, off to the countdown tier list hybrid... Thing... 





117. I'm With Stupid: Not only is the episode unfunny, it's the origin of the idea of Patrick being a total jerk to SpongeBob.



116. SpongeBob's House Party: Probably the most downright boring episode of SpongeBob there is.

115. Fools in April: I've come to realize just how bad of an episode this is...

114. I Wish I Was a Teenage Gary: Probably the most disturbing episode of SpongeBob's run before Season 4 or 5.

113. Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy II: Another extremely boring episode where nothing really happens.



112. Suds: Didn't really do a whole lot with the concept of SpongeBob being sick. Also, very ugly.

111. Pickles: Let's be honest, all of us are at least a little like Bubble Bass.

110. Pressure: Forgettable episode where everyone is mean to each other for no good reason.

109. Squirrel Jokes: The only thing saving this episode from being bad was the ending.

108. Doing Time: Why are they so mean to Mrs. Puff?

107. The Sponge Who Could Fly?: Ehh, it was kind of boring.

106. My Pretty Seahorse: Other than the one visual gag with Mr. Krabs, it's forgettable.

105. Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy I: Probably the weakest introduction in the series. 

104. Dumped: Gary is a total B!+c#. All that over A COOKIE?

103. Pranks-A-Lot: Ghosts! GHOSTS! ...Toast...

102. Plankton's Army: Yeah it's mean to rednecks, but it was a little funny... Sort of...

101. Bossy Boots: I really hated Pearl in this episode.

100. Jellyifshing: Overall, I don't know how better to describe this than mediocre.

099. Krabby Land: Mr. Krabs in this episode is definitely like Todd Howard.

098. Valentine's Day: Spongebob x Patrick is such a cringy bromance ship. :eww:

097. The Bully: How some forum moderators handle trolls in a nutshell.

096. Krusty Love: Mrs. Puff would come to realize that he's just a possessive greedy crustacean after all.



095. No Free Rides: I don't think the makers of this episode ever watched a good documentary.

094. Pre-Hibernation Week: I'd rate it lower if the gag with the guy on the bicycle didn't get me every time.

093. Welcome to the Chum Bucket: Validating everyone's worst fears of technology since 2002.

092. Born Again Krabs: *SpongeBob talking Dutchman's ear off* Me: *in Penn* SHUT THE F*** UP.

091. Jellyfish Jam: Yeah thanks for trashing my house guys, now f*** off.

090. MuscleBob Buffpants: SpongeBob really looks weird and sort of ugly with muscles.

089. Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost: The visual gag with the watermelon really made this episode.

088. SpongeBob Meets the Strangler: Would be a good 10-15 spots higher if it didn't have the part with the cleats.

087. Bubble Buddy: They had every right to want to pop that bubble... :dry: Still liked the humor somewhat.

086. Grandma's Kisses: The more I watch this episode, the more I simultaneously want to like it but don't.

085. Boating School: A rather weak introduction to Mrs. Puff, but props because it was the My Leg guy's debut.

084. Home Sweet Pineapple: D@mn nematodes.

083. Ripped Pants: The more I think about it, the more I think this episode is really overrated.

082. The Paper: Not like they could have made this episode better with the boring premise it has.

081. Scaredy Pants: Decent special, but it's nowhere near as good as the Christmas special.

080. I Had An Accident: Yeah, Bob, how CAN a gorilla exist underwater? Writers have some 'splaining to do.

079. Sandy's Rocket: I think the people raiding Area 51 would really like some of that Alien Repellent.

078. Dying for Pie: It would be higher, if the premise weren't turned into an excuse for fan service.

077. Nature Pants: I like how Squidward is just celebrating SpongeBob's disappearance.

076. Jellyfish Hunter: Unfortunately, Mr. Krabs did not really learn his lesson.

075. Karate Choppers: Pursuing a hobby is a horrible reason for firing somebody.

074. Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm: IT WAS BIG, SCARY, AND PINK!

073. Hooky: This episode has great humor, but the muddled moral prevents it from being the great episode it could be.

072. The Smoking Peanut: Patrick would be the worst detective ever known to man.

071. SpongeGuard on Duty: Larry is rarely ever NOT entirely one-dimensional is he? :bea:

070. Bubblestand: The Bubble Dance reminds me a lot of faked cheats for some reason.

069. As Seen on TV: Old Man Jenkins apparently has a really bad case of Dementia.

068. Texas: Aside from Sandy's singing, this is a sort of okay episode.

067. Gary Takes A Bath: Most Creative Episode Title Ever.

066. Walking Small: Yeah Plankton's NEVER going to get that second Chum Bucket finished.

065. Squid's Day Off: Also known as Squidward goes insane for bad reasons.

064. Employee of the Month: It has a lot of great references.

063. Naughty Nautical Neighbors: That fork must have really hurt going in.

062. Something Smells: Even SpongeBob should be smart enough to realize a dead plant should never be food.

061. Imitation Krabs: I catch myself singing the Bikini Bottom Anthem from time to time. :sealed:

060. Wormy: This episode had an amazing musical number, but the episode was otherwise alright.

059. Opposite Day: Patrick is REALLY bad at imitating people.

058. Survival of the Idiots: Who you callin' Pinhead?

057. Reef Blower: Proof that you don't need dialogue to make a great cartoon episode.



056. Neptune's Spatula: BEHOLD! ...Okay, if you say so, Neptune. :bedeyes:

055. No Weenies Allowed: Patrick has powers beyond our comprehension. :blink:

054. Krab Borg: Basically a slightly better Imitation Krabs.

053. Squilliam Returns: That will teach you not to take people so literally... Me... 

052. The Chaperone: If my class' prom were like that, I would have laughed in their faces.

051. The Great Snail Race: That sounds like it would be a VERY boring event.

050. Mid-Life Crustacean: Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? Shulk: I'M REALLY FEELING IT!

049. Missing Identity: This episode has some cool Film Noir vibes.

048. New Student Starfish: What's the need for lockers in a boating school?

047. Plankton!: Plankton fared really well when it came to character introductions.

046. Can You Spare a Dime: I really liked how SpongeBob legitimately became upset with Squidward.

045. Your Shoe's Untied: I can relate to that one, brother.

044. Life of Crime: Patrick would make a TERRIBLE fugitive.

043. Just One Bite: My fat already goes straight to my thighs...

042. Club SpongeBob: Me: Oh, Magic Conch, will Bernie be elected President?

041. Squid on Strike: I say "EHH SQUIDWARD?" all the time.

040. Hall Monitor: This episode is absurdly quotable.

039. I'm Your Biggest Fanatic: I was the target of "Hi Kevin." If you didn't know, my real life name is Kevin.

038. Clams: Who knew giant clams had such sophisticated tastes in music?

037. Patty Hype: My first thought now when I think of this episode is "Pride patties."

036. Big Pink Loser: This episode is even more quotable than Hall Monitor.

035. Rock-A-Bye Bivalve: Patrick is the emotionally neglectful husband in a nutshell.

034. The Algae's Always Greener: Cool concept, but d@mn is Mr. Krabs being naked so wrong.

033. Tea at the Treedome: I use "I NEED WATER" on an almost daily basis.

032. FUN: It really is a great song that I won't tire of hearing any time soon.

031. Squeaky Boots: I think this is one of the most underrated SpongeBob episodes ever.

030. Sailor Mouth: I cuss about as bad as Mr. Krabs did when he stubbed his leg in real life. :P

029. Snowball Effect: How long did it take Squidward to build that snow tower at the end?

028. Rock Bottom: If this weren't SpongeBob, an episode like this would be top 10 easy.

027. Procrastination: SpongeBob is me here 100%.

026. Artist Unknown: This episode is a work of art. :)

025. Ugh!: Probably among SpongeBob's greatest specials.

024. Sleepy Time: Very cool concept with lots of potential for character development. It was also done right.

023. Mermaidman and Barnacle Man IV: We need a petition to make Wumbo a real word.



022. The Secret Box: SpongeBob sneaking to get the box is 100% what I feel like when I'm going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

021. One Krab's Trash: TF2 hat economy in a nutshell.

020. Mermaidman and Barnacle Man III: I'm much further from socially acceptable than Man-Ray is to be honest. :sealed:

019. Help Wanted: The first best episode, that still remains one of the series' best to date, even with it's dated visuals.

018. Culture Shock: The audience needs to diversify their tastes.

017. Shanghaied!: Squidward, you're falling through spaghetti! I FAIL TO SEE WHAT IS WRONG HERE! :laugh: 

016. Christmas Who?: Don't get me wrong, it's amazing, but Squidward's a wee bit OoC here.

015. SB-129: I absolutely love the concept of time travel and this episode does an amazing job at poking fun at it.

014. The Camping Episode: I've still yet to sing the Campfire Song Song at the speed they sing it in the show.

013. Squidville: Huh, weird. I know this episode as CANNED BREAD but I guess that's the name?

012. Arrgh!: Patrick is TERRIBLE at reading a compass.

011. Mermaid Man and Barnacle MAN V: Wait, he's Barnacle Boy you say? He deserves more respect than that!

010. Graveyard Shift: This is why you don't read Creepypastas late at night with the lights off.

009. The Fry Cook Games: The visual gags were absolutely on point here.

008. Nasty Patty: YOU JUST GOT... PRANKED BRO!

007. Idiot Box: The box puns are some of the best puns in the show to date.

006. FrankenDoodle: This is probably the most quotable episode in the series.

005. Pizza Delivery: I sing "Krusty Krab Pizza" all the time.

004. Krusty Krab Training Video: This episode was as clever as it was funny.

003. Chocolate with Nuts: I am literally the Chocolate Guy when it comes to chocolate.

002. Wet Painters: The writing and the animation in this episode pair to make it on a whole other level.

001. Band Geeks: Not saying this is the best episode is blasphemous on so many levels.

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