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Thank You Big Jim! And Review



This entry is a re post from my DA page 


Review of MLP season 9 episode 18 “She Talks To An Angel”


SPOILER ALERT! So not one of my top favorite episodes but definitely a HUGE improvement over “2,4,6 Great” and “Trivial Pursuit”. Even though a similar concept was used for “A Royal Problem” the writers were able to use the episode to their advantage to do something they have not done before which is to develop Angel Bunny as a 3 dimensional character with a real range of emotion. It was interesting to learn how Angel experiences the world and that he truly is mute even compared to Fluttershy’s other animals. It was a neat lesson that people who do not communicate verbally still have a full range of thoughts and feelings which seems to be something our society easily forgets. Since mutism is generally considered a disability it can be thought of as another example of Disability Representation in addition to Scootaloo. I like how the writers managed to let us see both sides of Angel and Fluttershy’s conflict without making me hate either character. Andrea Libman rocked it as Angel! Andrea is SO talented! It was fantastic to see Zecora again finally before the series ends! It was also nice to see what Fluttershy does at her sanctuary in more detail. The only thing I didn’t like was Fluttershy trying to teach all animals to be Vegan because even though its a magical world, and probably meant as a reference/joke about Vegans, Fluttershy should know better, that animals need their natural diet to survive.



On a really REALLY important note, the MLP series finale has been released in Dutch and was posted on youtube. I ADORE the finale! However apparently some people hated the finale and threatened Big Jim and DHX with Violence and death threats. https://www.equestriadaily.com/2019/08/the-new-thankyoujim-and-thankyoubigjim.html  This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! I don’t care what the reasons are, you do NOT threaten others! Threatening people over a show is just pure INSANITY! This is NOT what Bronies are about. I wanted my followers to know that I always call out any fandom for inexcusable behavior whether it be the Lilo & Stitch fandom, the My Little Pony fandom or anything else. I saw disgusting behavior in the Stitch fandom after “Stitch! Anime” and “Stitch & Ai” was released and I’m so disappointed and ashamed that the same kind of people followed MLP. My message to the violent haters is: GET OVER IT! IT’S A GOD DA#N SHOW!!!! Go rant on your private online pages but DO NOT threaten or harm human beings. Anyone who threatened DHX was NEVER a real Brony! May the haters get their Karma. I stand with Big Jim and DHX! #ThankYouBigJim

If you are a non violent Brony or even a member of a different fandom go to twitter and use the hashtag #ThankYouBigJim to tell MLP staff you appreciate them and reject violence ASAP please! Thanks for reading! 


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