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S9E18 She Talks to Angel - brief commentary



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It feels a bit disturbing: This never-talked-about topic, which I assumed to have always been resolved elegantly and magically, maybe also like an ongoing project to change habits from what is normal in the Everfree Forest, by formulating a vegetarian and synthetic diet, is now shown to never have been resolved. (I do remember Fluttershy feeding worms to birds though, and back then that was already a bit of a headscratcher in light of the special lifestyle of animals in the Ponyville area.)

I was aghast: Out of awkward necessity Fluttershy expects a snake to not eat animals and then she goes hardcore and prescribes vegan?! And she is expected to FIX the gecko's diet? ... Considering how important it usually seems to be to Hasbro to not give kids (or 'adults', hah) the wrong ideas, this is not setting a good example of how to not ... you know ... severely and maybe fatally malnourish your pets. (Or babies, even. ... There have been disturbing cases.)

As for Zecora's potion, I strongly suspect she has learned to use poison joke in her brews. (The outcome was of course very predictable.) - Actually, Zecora could have played a major role in animal diet design expertise. I was also puzzled that she couldn't recognize the lizard type at first.

Further into the episode I was still wondering since when snakes eat elephants. Then it revealed itself to be a gross exaggeration joke. (That snake got an eating disorder, hah.)

Angel here painted a clearer picture of a weird canon by confirming that animals are like very intelligent beings there that are trapped in an unusually limited body. That Angel in Fluttershy's body could immediately articulate himself in all detail of pony language, it is  a bit odd. And it got even more mindboggling when it was shown how all the other animals understand ponish but not Angel's way of communicating. Dunno, maybe Angel is like a hybrid, been around ponies for so long that he prefers to communicate closer to their ways. But he is still only understood by Fluttershy.

So the whole episode felt more like a writers' capitulation than an elegant resolving of open questions.

But it is a Fluttershy episode, and that is always ... well ... nice. :squee:


P.S.: I also had the thought that "She Talks Like Angel" would have been a good title instead. (Unless they thought that would be giving too much away.) - EDIT: Someone pointed out it is based on a song: "Black Crowes - She Talks to Angels"


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